Equipment Thread

I think for the first time ever I have 2 setups.

This is a 7.75 death board with Venture extra light 5.0 trucks and wayward wheels. I have bones big bollocks bearings or whatever they’re called.

I rode a similar setup for most of my younger years and so I’m hoping it’s at least fun to skate.


Cheers for the offer but yeah a little small for me! My current bones are about 50mm.

Cheers for the advice folks, gona give some crupie a go seems like good bang for your buck!

That’s one of mine @hugo didn’t realise they were still in circulation…

Anyone skated Snot wheels? Interested to know what they’re like.

I mean, I’ve got F4s in my life so it’s probably just idle curiosity tbh…

Your design? Sweet!

Yeah, I did quite a few boards for Nick, must be 10-12 years ago now…

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You savage lol

Im not saying theyre not great, just that all wheels are flatspottable

if i remember right from Fos posting on Slap, Snot are from the same manufacturer who produce Heroin wheels, and by extension also Baker/Deathwish. Whilst I haven’t skated Snot wheels I ran a set of 54 Heroins a while back and all I can really sum them up as is decent - better than utter low end wheels, obviously not as good as say F4’s/STF’s/etc. If you’re after something that’ll grip a little more, they’ll do the job and that’s the only reason I went from F4’s to Heroin as I was skating DIY spots a lot at the time and kept slipping out.

I have 3 (and a cruiser) and it’s great! More options for more comfort depending on what terrain you skate.

You’re okay as long as you don’t start referring to them collectively as a “quiver”.


Hahaha! I don’t really see my skating as anything that would require weapons.

Has anyone tried one of these? Kinda intrigued but not sure if more gimmick then practical, £300 so not cheap

They do one that you can just put your phone in which is a lot cheaper and seems a good idea if you have a phone with a good camera.

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I was going to suggest the phone gimble.
The good thing about the pocket is it’s size.

MPB have them from used from about 1/2 the price

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Thanks both, will have a look at the phone gimble

Any of you ever have bearings keep pushing out of a wheel? I’ve been using bones Swiss in F4s for almost a year. Got a relatively new set of F4s, all of a sudden one or two of the bearings keeps sort of pushing out of the wheel. I have to take the wheel off, take the bearings out and try to get them back in

The bearing spin but maybe I’ve warped the tracker or something? Defective wheel?

Have you tried emailing the UK DLX distributor?

Nah not yet. Put some different bearings in. Will see how that goes

Are bones medium bushings better than Ace stock bushings? Was thinking of giving them a try.

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