Equipment Thread

Look really good from the pics , nice attention to detail. Look forward to the review

Lighter than Indies.


It’s all about the turn , if their like venture/film trucks that would be a shame.
What did they cost?

I don’t know the cost, they’re not mine one of the shop regulars brought them in. They look like they’re gonna turn really good the pivot is a super high angle.

They look okay from that angle, but the hanger is such a weird shape from the other way

Yeah I wasn’t sold on them. If you’ve ever seen Gunmetal or Randall longboard trucks they gave off that kind of vibe. I’ll wait and see what they ride like…but I have no desire to switch brands, I like Indies.

Yeah. Fugly

They remind me of stage 1 Indys.


Interested to hear if they turn well.

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Nice finish, they look real good

+1 for a review from someone pls

can you take a pic looking right down from overhead to see where the hanger is in relation to the bolts please?

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I’d like to try some, but realistically, I have 3 decent part worn sets of trucks in the garage. Should last the rest of my life.


Too late for that I’m afraid…but this should help.

They look like someone designed them on illustrator without bothering to learn how to draw curves


Def interested in a review(looks like gifted hater is getting some) but I’m not sure I can get past that ridiculous name.

Ah, just confirmes they are more indy than thunder that’s all. Cheers.

The look pixelated

They’re different to both in certain ways. Thunder trucks have the axle right over the pivot cup like these do, but sit lower. Indy and Ace both have the axle further back but sit high like these.

If I had to guess without having ridden them I would say these are going to be very tippy and tight turning.

Set up a small egg (Magenta Jameel Douglas guest board, 8.25) and it’s pretty fun to skate. Definitely not the board I’d take on a week long trip to places I don’t know but it’s super fun for fucking about on low impact stuff (this is gonna sound like I go to KOTR every year. Well, I don’t).

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