Equipment Thread

Was going to go with Polar but ordered this deck from Ideal as I like the graphic:

Chocolate boards are shite to be fair

just got a Polar myself, expected it to feel a bit boatlike since I’m skating ventures and the general consensus has always been short wheelbase pairs up better but I’m having no issues with it even at a 14.5 wb. skates well, nice shape good pop etc. no qualms with it.

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Ok super dumb question but… which way round does the bottom bushing go on the Indy conical ones? Have I got this upside down?

Yes. Other way up

How have you even got into this situation?

No idea, first time I’ve had to deal with them just refurbing some setups out of old stuff lying around. Put them on yesterday and coming back to them today something didn’t look quite right. It’s pretty obvious now you say it

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They would be super-turny with the bottom bushings that way up. Fast to turn, slow to rebound back to centre

Just set this up with fresh Spits and fresh Reds. 8.375 Into The Wild (Daclin’s thing) with a Javi Mendizabal design. It’s slightly tapered towards towards the tail. Always had straight rails before. Let’s see how this goes!

Wheel wells, what happened to me???” Chas One :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile: :joy:


Looks good! My next deck has wheel wells, Polar 8.125 that I bought last summer. Looking forward to trying it and seeing how deep I can get turns going haha

Me too. Madness Sam Beckett with wheel wells

Wheel wells on an Oski football shape here.

What’s the downside of wheel wells? There’s more lean before you pinch so could affect some tricks? I’m on low trucks and get a lot of wheelbite so tempted by them. Don’t really want to change trucks or get risers pads.

I can see no downside. I think most deck companies don’t use them because it means extra work finishing the deck and raises the manufacturing cost slightly.

Possibly weaken the deck a little.

Yeah if you like to pinch for control it’s arguably worse, but if you like to turn without rubbing it’s better. I like them on a wider deck and wider trucks but under 8.5 I don’t think there’s much point.

Here’s mine. I know the rails are the wrong way round but I like em like that.

Rails look right to me - cropped off corners away from any danger of rubbing on the wheels

Yeah they’ve got markings on the underside saying they should face the other way. Seemed weird to me too.

Do you guys know about any UK SOS that stock RipTide pivot cups for Indy and would happily ship them to the continent? Ta.

These guys do them and ship to EU.

No idea what they are like though, or if they are skater owned. Looks like a side hussle from old schooler.

Would be interested to hear whether they make any difference: £14 is lot of money for a pair of pivot cups.