Equipment Thread

It’s this kind of encouragement coming from here that helps at times like these.

I’ve still not seen The Warriors…

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Deck shape question - are there any other board brands that do the snubby shovel nose 8.5" shape that FA and Hockey have?

Love the shape, but not really feeling the £85 price tag…

Weekend/ WKND or Quasi?


Thanks. I will try a Quasi out

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Get it quick they’re going up to £80 soon too :grimacing:

Argh! :sweat_smile:

I have a Snack thats even more shovelly than Hockey/FA :pleading_face:

Going to get a new deck and maybe some wheels and some new bushings. No idea what yet but thinking of going up a bit from my usual 8". Quite excited. I’ll keep everyone posted.:+1:


Like the trucks one, I reckon i could call the winner before watching, still some interesting info in there (if accurate)

Currently riding Aces but thinking of going back to Thunders

How’s your Ace experience been? I spent maybe 2014-2019? solely on Thunders, 2019-2021 on Indy’s and then the last year on Venture’s. They’re fucked now, down to the axle and the pivot cup is showing through the baseplate so I figure I’m due a new set and might try Ace.

I’m loving my AF1s but it took me a couple of weeks to get used to them. The stock bushings are soft and the trucks feel much turnier than the Indys I was used to. But once you’re used to them they’re great. I wouldn’t go back

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Ace trucks seem to grind a bit better than Thunders and you won’t find a better turning truck. Edit: They turn the most of any truck if that’s what you like. Ace make the wheelbase quite a bit shorter than thunders. There’s a few Ben De Gros videos about that on youtube. Ace trucks are good, it just comes down to preference.

I think a lot of this is just in your head really, but maybe worth watching before getting Aces.

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cheers fellas, ended up ordering a set of the classic 44s. If anyone else is in need of new trucks, Palomino currently have regular Ace’s for £40 a set and regular Venture’s for £32 a set, some other variations (ie hollow/lights for marginally more but smaller sizes).


What size board are the 44s for?

Classic 44’s are an 8.38 axle (I’ll be putting them on an 8.5), AF1 44’s are 8.25. Here’s the sizing chart.

I’ve seen a lot of people go 55s on an 8.5 and up. Ace sizing is weird.

yeah it’s kind of all over, I wonder what the reasoning behind the classic sizing is? Least they fixed it and made it logical for the AF1’s. Personally I skate 8.5s and like my trucks to come up a bit short so the stranger sizing of the classics doesn’t bother me.

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