Equipment Thread

I have AF1 44s on an 8.38” deck and AF1 55s on an 8.75” deck. I’d say for AF1s the 44s are similar to Indy 149s and the 55s are closer to 159s

Banging, not skated anything but Indys in so long but just got a pair of 44s

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You got em in the sale? Rad, I ended up just paying full price for regular 44’s along with the rest of a new setup from Native with the hopes I’d be able to pick them up yesterday, but the Jubilee along with that ginger prick Ed Sheeran being in town completely fucked any semblance of public transport being on time so I was unable to, gonna head out shortly and pick them up. Last time I had a brand new complete, a Girl board with Royal trucks was a relevant setup so it’s definitely been a while.


Yeah! worth a go at that price for sure

good shit, let me know how you find them! picked my order up earlier to find the Ace classics had been swapped with AF1’s, think it was a stock issue but I’m not complaining.

The Killing Floor 8.5 x 32.25 x 14.5
Ace AF1 44
OJ Elite Hardline 101a 55mm
Mini Logo Bearings (maybe its been that long since I bought bearings, but these fuckers were doused in bearing lube, box was soaking)
Jessup/Maybe Hardware


You got a bargain. The AF1s are the same geometry as classics but they’ve upgraded a lot of the details. You even get axle-rethreading wheel nuts.

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Decided on a deck, a Madness 8.5, just wondering what trucks and wheels people recommend. I’m only going to really skate indoor and outdoor skateparks. Not sure how much skating I will get to do so any recommendations on cheaper items but still good would be helpful, other options to the big guys like Indy’s and spitfires etc.
Also what size and hardness do people recommend

I have a Madness Sam Beckett deck.
For an 8.5” deck you could look at Indy 149s or Ace 44s. In terms of cheaper trucks I’ve heard good things about Mini Logo.
People have different preferences with wheels - big split between Spitfire and Bones users. Personally I ride a lot of indoor wooden parks that can get slippery with dust and humidity so I go for a slightly grippier wheel - I’m really liking the Formula Four 97a formula, at 54mm

Film trucks are decent for about £40. I think overall I prefer them to Mini Logos and the company was started by Jéremie Daclin which is rad. Can’t go wrong with F4s but if you want something cheaper Crupie wheels are decent for about £30.

Minilogo stuff is decent for the money. I’ve had a set of their wheels as well as trucks and they lasted pretty well.

No idea what their ‘normal’ wheels are like, but i have a set of OJs on my cruiser and they’re great. are selling Ace classic 44s for 20 quid each at the moment - I’d highly recommend them. Switched over to these from Indy’s a while ago and haven’t regretted it for a minute (I ride an 8.38 and they’re perfect on that size, so would also fit an 8.5 nicely)

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It’s honestly a waste of money buying any wheels that aren’t F4s

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Yeah for sure, Ace classics for £40 is a great option. I’ve ridden them on an 8.5 and it works well.

Just a bit confused about whether I should go 44’s or 55’s as they both fit an 8.5
Seen the posts above but still not sure which would be best for me

55’s have a 9 inch axle, so you’d get a bit of a hotrod effect on an 8.5. 44s have a 8.35 inch axle, so marginally thinner than the board - I prefer having a bit of board overhang than the other way round, personally.

That’s what I was thinking thanks :metal:t2:

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I always cheaped out on wheels but a full Spitfire convert now. Fuck me they’re miles better than owt else.

My lowest point was blank ebay wheels when I was a student, couldnt do full cab flips that were 90% skid with those shithouses on.


So Ace 44’s purchased now just to decide on wheels. Any offers anywhere on Spitfire F4’s? Peoples thoughts on Oj’s and bones?

Yeah I used to buy 3-4 sets of wheels/bearings a year till I invested in a set of Swiss and F4s

(disclaimer - I did used to skate a lot more but even then the difference is massive)

Got mine from Welcome. Most SOS should have them

First (quick) skate with those RipTide pivot cups instead of the stock Indy pivot cups, they seem to make a nice difference. Might get some more for my other setups.

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