Film Thread

Everyone should see Calm With Horses if they like him, great film.


Fall Guy - gave up after 20 minutes

Abigail - Surprisingly good fun

Atlas - Ah Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Jennifer Lopez needs to fuck off, and keep fucking off

Watched mad max furiosa, was visually great , was OTT but fun . Not as good as fury road .


I watched Furiosa the other day…Really enjoyed it.
Yeah, not as good as Fury Road, but it’s pretty solid.

I just watched the new Beverly Hills Cop film. Quite good fun. Surprisingly not awful…Simple and does as you’d expect. A few good lolzz…


What the actual f…?!?

“The wrath of spinach” ha ha ha ha!!!

thats a fake trailer, no?

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Very, spliced scenes from Perfect Storm and Roadhouse amongst others, no idea who has the time to put this stuff together

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Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect and was almost worried as I’m super into the first one and love the second and third ones but it was exactly what it should have been. The plot wasn’t exceptional but shit like Rosewood having Rambo’s knife in his office made my week. Good stuff.

Anyone know when Civil War will be available to stream?