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Def motion smoothing- I had the same thing when I got a new one a couple years ago- google motion smoothing with the model of the TV and there should be some info on how to turn it off- did my head in at first

I just watched the Joker.

It weirdly felt a lot like Requiem for a Dream with the crazy mum and the TV show. Both set in NY well Gotham.

It was ok not as good as I was expecting.


I fell asleep towards the end and I’ve not got round to rewatching it yet. Safe to say I wasn’t gripped by Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in the same way that lots of people were, not that it was bad or anything but it didn’t feel extraordinary.

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Same. Not a fan of that ‘universe’, but this was being sold as a 21st Century Taxi Driver and it looked like it was going to be amazing so actually went to the cinema for it. Ended up feeling a bit like a movie you’d flick to on the TV and not switch off, but not really watch either.

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Yeah really wasn’t that good.

Honestly preferred the Nolan Batman trilogy and Heath Ledger as the joker although I understand you can’t really compare.

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It’s too tame

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Thanks, found the “trumotion” setting. Got home from work and kids are watching Attack of the clones and it looked bonkers so sorted it, can’t be doing with that shite. nice one peeps.

TV I bought recently had loads of ‘features’ enabled by default, each one of them contributing to screwing everything up in their own ways.
Off, off, off, off, apply to all inputs… done.

Signed up for the Disney+ trial.
Logged into app on TV and then on SKY box.
Mandelorian on LG TV app, 4K HDR.
On 4k capable SKY box, HD.

First two episodes only :-1:

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