Film Thread

Sat through Just Mercy on Saturday night.
Really good.
Fucking heavy…but well worth the time.

Might watch First Blood tonight.

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Watched it the other night. Classic Ianucci.

Watched the latest starwars ROS.
Visually amazing.
The storyline was utter pants but I expected that. Was a cringe fest with ridiculous plot holes.

The mandalorian wipes the floor with everything recently except Rouge 1.
They should learn from that formula.

Never realised True Romance was such a total rip off of Badlands, even the music

Rip off defo the wrong word there, homage/reimagining I’d say

Watching that mark kermode cinema programme on iplayer I never clocked the homages boyz n the hood made to stand by me before.

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Everything Tarantino ever had his hand on is a homage.

I learned today that Ice Cube turned down the role of Bubba in Forrest Gump because he “didn’t want to play an idiot”.

Pretty funny considering some of his later comedy roles.

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Dave chapelle turned it down too.

Nah, haha…

They will because it is a very average film, just because there are some parallels between what happens in the film and what is happening now doesn’t make it any better. What is happening now is something that has been brewing and bubbling under the surface for a long time, some crappy heavy handed film is hardly significant or clever for showing it.


Appreciate you remembered my 7 month old post though

It’s well made but it’s just a bit shit.

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Yeah I really hope The Joker doesn’t get held up as being prophetic in any sort of way

Have to agree, Joke is bang average.
It’s an art house cinema for people don’t watch art house.


Watched Donnie Brasco last night. Just wanted to remind you all about its existence because it’s really really really good isn’t it.

You’re just teasing the forum now with your viewing habits. Well played.


I couldn’t convince my wife to watch a 30 year old skate video. I was as surprised as anyone.


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