Film Thread

Yeah I watched Behind the Curve, loved it. I work with a flat-earth believer and I’ve tried describing the laser experiment to him, I’d seen it before on another documentary and they used the laser between two boats on a lake. The bloke at work refused to believe an experiment like this could be done. All I could really do was quote Jesse Pinkman.

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i wouldnt even talk to a fucking flat earther. what fucking total bellendery

one step away from refusing a blood transfusion for you kid because god says no.

moronic to the highest order

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Midsommar was great.
My 17 year old son thought otherwise.

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this is on my too watch list! really enjoyed hereditary.

Watched it Friday was pretty good, few scenes annoyed me though as they seemed too long.

oh totally, i mean you could argue the whole thing was about 45 mins too long.

I watched Midsommar last night and thought it was brilliant and brutal.
I like how Ari has a great way of setting scenes/lapse in time through hard cuts of the same frame from day to night… similar to Hereditary.

However the cliff top scene and of course the end sequence were so fucked up. The kind of fucked up where you can’t take your eyes off the screen even though you kind of feel like you should.

Saw it in a tiny cinema in Penzance and I think about 7-8 people walked out.


We had a couple sat in front of us who couldn’t take the cliff top scene and left haha, I think I preferred hereditary but midsommer definatley worth the watch if you like horror films

Mind blown.

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Yeah word.

Screwball - documentary about steroid scandal in Baseball.

All re-enactments played by young kids. Very good.

I just saw ‘The Dead Don’t Die’. Don’t want to give a spoiler but it’s no ‘Shaun of the dead’.

Watched Last Breath last night- documentary about saturation divers in the North sea. Pretty claustrophobic viewing at times and interesting that there are people out there doing this job in month stints!

Sounds excruciating

I can’t stand Mark Commode.

Sums it up pretty well actually. You keep thinking that he’s setting the scene and then the credits start rolling.

I think he’s been a bit better recently, there was a period where I think he took some criticism quite badly and his reviews ended up being a bit too careful though.

Saw The Dead Don’t Die over the weekend and was the biggest let down of a film in a long time.

Almost felt like he went too overboard with getting all his famous mates in one film he didn’t know what to do with them all. Such a wasted opportunity.

My god that looks bad, though they’ve made it a very easy choice for me; James Corden is in it so I’m out.

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