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saw it the other day. wasn’t at all what I expected (hadn’t watched any trailers or anything going in). loved it. looking forward to going to the cinema and watching it on a big screen (maybe on mushies)

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I can’t wait. A Ghost Story is one of my favourite films ever, so I’m going to lap up whatever David Lowery gives me!

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Anybody watched Annette? Saw it at the cinema over the weekend and probably one of the most audacious films I’ve ever seen. Not sure if I liked it or hated it

I’ve got two friends who went to see it and walked out of the cinema after 30mins. I’m undecided about if I can be arsed checking it out. I thought Holy Motors was ok: Denis Lavant was/is brilliant, and there were some astounding moments, but it wasn’t satisfying as a whole for me. Do you reckon Annette is worth checking out then?

Yeah I felt like walking out after the first 20-30 mins; with exception of a couple of bits the whole film is in song which is quite jarring at first but I gradually accepted it. Still don’t know if I’d say it was good but was a unique experience and incredibly well made. It’s weird the whole thing is so, so ridiculous but plays it very straight.

I’d say probably give it a skip/ wait to watch it at home if you felt that way about Holy Motors. Not even sure if I’m a fan of that either but again I appreciated how unique it was.

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Let me save you £4.99 on Prime and tell you not to watch Nobody.
I love Bob Odenkirk but this is just a budget John Wick with an unrealistic lead man and a bloated RZA in it.

It sounds amazing.

Watched it last night. Will not be watching it again. Not good

For the love of all that is holy please never ever watch The Oak Room on Amazon even as a time filler. I reckon me and the baby could do a better film on my new iPhone with the dog writing the script.

Saint Maud is, on the other hand, shaping up to be a proper mind fuck in a good way.

New Suicide Squad is enjoyable. You can definitely tell James Gunn is behind the helm.
It’s pretty funny and doesn’t take itself very seriously; some great characters as well.
Don’t be put off by how terrible the first one was, it’s nothing like that.

really enjoyed Saint Maud! What did you think?

Also I watched the original 90s Candyman last night and it was better than expected. A wee bit confusing (not entirely clear on what it was “about”, and it had some mixed character motives and sexual/racial representation), but overall I liked the acting, aesthetic and jumpscares. Some really good nightmarish sequences, too!

I need to get round to watching this

removed due to potential spoiler

I loved St Maud

Yeah Saint Maud was a good tight little horror/thriller thing. Recommended.

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