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I get what they were trying to do with the Bourne films etc. to make the fights look a bit more brutal and less choreographed. I think it works where it fits but then just became overused. Rather like how Saving Private Ryan tried to show the action as deliberately disorientating, confusing and terrifying. It was effective I thought and it made sense in that film. But in a fun superhero film the exact same thing is just annoying.


I think the Bourne films get a pass for that, as I’m pretty sure they were one of the first to do it. At least the first one I heard being talked about.

Still think this one from Daredevil is one of my favorite fight scenes. Because of the realism and how everyone gets tired and sloppy.


You can’t beat a good hallway fight scene. I love the one in the original Old Boy…


We had star wars on vhs taped off the telly for so many years, with all the ads etc, shake n vac, weetabix skinheads, milk tray etc. Rad


I think that’s why something like the first Raid film worked so well, because in the fight scenes you could see everyone getting more and more worn out and beaten. It gives the fights much more of an edge because you actual feel that if the protagonist stops fighting, they’ll die.


Not watched Ong Bak for many years but that has some memorable fights. A lot of cuts but a fair bit of action :grin:

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I love the scene when he takes a pull from the goons cigarette haha

Watched Mulholland Drive last night, had been years. Really enjoyed it. Made a bit more sense than before, too. But still not that much


Riders of Justice 8/10


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Ah yeah! Thank fuck they ditched Affleck. This might erase the disappointment of The Joker. I guess that’s the next match up after Batman deals with Riddler and Penguin in this one.

Watched Old the other day.


Which old one? 60’s, 80’s, 90’s or 00’s?

Sorry, thought you were talking about old Batman

Dune been out 4 days and no mentions? Nothing?
UK skate forum, you’re blowing it.

Going next week, if I can get enough sleep to sit through 2.5hrs in a warm dark room

Late to the party, but just watched and enjoyed the new James Bond (even though in general I’m not into Bond films). Felt kinda meta-Bond. Trying to purge and possibly absolve an inherently “toxic” character. Whatever, was deffo entertaining!

Looking forward to Dune, although I’ve heard mixed reviews.

I just got back from it. I knew very little about the novel beforehand and never watched the Lynch version. I was struck by how insanely orientalist the new film is.

Just reading now about how Herbert wrote the book as a critique of imperialism. Can totally see that but the film definitely employs the mysterious east trope heavily in its depiction of the Fremen.

All that said, I enjoyed it. Probably over hyped, but it’s generally a sign of a good movie if it leaves you with a lot of ideas.

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Watched Loveless last night. Grim, but gripping.

Watched Flight of the Navigator with my daughter last night. The effects show their age but she loved it.


Oh man that was one of my favourites as a kid. I tried watching that again a couple of years ago. It really bummed me out, it wasn’t as I remembered it at all.


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