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Ah yes! Was referring to both of them.

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Also when they are holding it together at the dinner table (Leo and his family and friends)… oof!

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Haha, missed the post-post credits, it was well past my bedtime, just seen now though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m pleased that someone else has mentioned this.

Dunno if it’s that I’m so far tuned out from modern music but the whole first part and the rap were largely unintelligible to me (blah,blah,blah)… then she delivers the message. Outstanding.

Look up, what he’s really trying to say
Is get your head out of your ass
Listen to the goddamn qualified scientists
We really fucked it up, fucked it up this time
It’s so close, I can feel the heat big time
And you can act like everything is alright
But this is probably happening in real time
Celebrate or cry or pray, whatever it takes
To get you through the mess we made
'Cause tomorrow may never come


Ha yeah same here. Ariana Grande can fucking sing though. Ridiculously well.

I missed the last after credits scene, will have to go back for it

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Just seen the new Spider Man. A bit too long, but lots of fun. 8/10 for me.

They did a good job of balancing all the metaverse characters (though I do wish they’d left Electro out as he’s arguably the worst villain from any of the films imo), and seeing both Toby and Andrew back in the costume was a nice touch. I’d tried really hard to avoid seeing spoilers online but despite knowing what was coming, it was still fun. Lots of little Easter eggs throughout as well. Some of the jokes felt a bit forced and I wish Goblin had more screen time but with that many characters I’m surprised they pulled it off as well as they did.

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Yep, that’s pretty much it. Definitely up at the top of the pile of Spiderman movies after Spiderverse. Managed to avoid all the spoilers for the most part, other than seeing a couple of giveaway set photos of one actor, but yeah, other wise, a neat wrap-up for the other films and a good segway for Dr Strange, What If and Miles Morales further down the line.

Well interested in this…if anyone has a dodgy link.

Made the mistake of watching The Nightingale. Really strong filmmaking but a grim watch and properly killed the New Year’s Day buzz.

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Well, I just watched Ghostbusters Afterlife and thought it was really good.


It pulled a little bit of a Force Awakens but whatever. Lotta fun.

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Watched this the other day and thought it was really good. Great lighting, editing and camera work. I just wish it was about 5/10 mins longer to dive a bit deeper into certain story beats!

Watching the Eternals and cant stop noticing it jump between “widescreen” and “normal”.

Some shots have the black bars at the top and bottom and others dont and I cant work out why

I watched a horror which moved very, very slowly from widescreen to standard and it made the whole thing really fucking intense. It slowly ramped it up…amazing use of the formats.

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What was it?


Loved this film

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That sounds like such a great idea for horror. Can totally see how it would make things more intense. Saw a similar thing in this canadian film (“Mommy”), where the majority is in standard and then there’s a moment where it suddenly slides out to widescreen. Really felt surprising and dramatic when it happened.

Overall I thought the film was pretty good. Maddest thing about it is deffo the quebecois-french accent.

Was it filmed in Imax? tends to do that if it was, If there’s no bars top and bottom that’s the Imax format. Supposed to be big and flashy and that and usually used for big action scenes. I really noticed it when watching Dunkirk. Seems alright if you want to pay over the odds for your cinema ticket


Listen to DarthPunk, he’s right. It’s the same on either Infinity War and/or End Game as well, and I think some of the Dark Knight trilogy and Interstellar.

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Watched The Fugitive last night and Primal Fear tonight.

Fuck me they knew how to make proper films in the 90s.


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