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Help settle an argument - do you pronounce Dune like June or Doon?

It’s June right? dJune.

The Conversation is on iPlayer, what a class act. I swear everything made from around 1967 - 1975 is amazing, any genre, any medium


like June surely?

De-eun in rp
Joon in normal

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Agree with @darthpunk and @suitcase the first time I watched I was blown away by the visuals but maybe not so much the story but on the second viewing I was much more engrossed and had a chance to really delve into the story.
Still agree about the pacing after the dessert bit.
I think the first film should have ended just as they got there and that would have been a logical pacing place to start the second one.

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One of my favourite films of all time. And the soundtrack is great, too.

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I’d day Dyune.

June is a bit like Trump calling China, Gina (like vagina).

Doon would be fine if you were from Noo Yoik and you watched it while drinking your kwaffee


I should have been clearer, it was the new one. I haven’t seen the Lynch film.

I watched it in 2 sittings due to children/sleep deprivation. I’m glad I’ve seen it, but as I said before, didn’t understand the hype.

I quite enjoyed it for what it was. Definitely not up there with his previous work, but a fairly easy watch.

Just gimme Mind Hunter S3 please!

i assumed he meant Dune to rhyme with June.

like D-une

what you said basically

I really liked it, but would swap it for mindhunter s3 everytime

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Love this film. Absolute masterpiece.

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Tried watching it twice and either turned it off or fell asleep

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I watched return of the living dead today. I was always freaked out by pictures of the tar zombie as a kid. Watching now it seems so daft.

Watched Promising Young Woman last night.

Seriously good tale of revenge and gender inequality. Not what I expected at all, deffo worth a look


Bought it on DVD when it came out, I need to give it another spin.

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I wasn’t ready for the opening of The Whale