Film Thread

Yeah, same. Sometimes I’m down for a couple of hours of mindless entertainment. I enjoyed it for what it is.

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Yeah I love some mindless entertainment too. This felt like it was trying to be more than that personally therefore am judging it as such

Wouldn’t criticise the new Jason Statham film in the same way

It felt like it was made by posh people that would annoy you in the pub to me. Alot of things feel like that lately. Maybe it has something to do with the economy and the people getting into the industry


Yeah the director is from an insanely privileged background there’s no way she made this film as mindless entertainment. She’s trying sooooo hard to be taken seriously as a director.

It’s sad because all the cheap shock moments and attractive cast members have generated such a mainstream viewer buzz on social media she’ll keep getting projects green lit. The critical response has been tepid at best

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Yeah public schoolkids dominating just like with everything else and as per the plan.


Sounds well Bullingdon.

I have not seen a single clip or even seen an image, actors etc, no info apart what I have read here.

Really? Even the normies in the office are talking about it.
Sue’s Clive said ‘it wasn’t for him’ and bailed halfway through.

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Interested to see what Poor things is all about as me and the Mrs have decided to try soundtrack Dogtooth in the next couple of Months as the next project. One of my favourite films.

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Anatomy of a fall is worth a watch.
French court must be pretty relaxed though. The woman on trial was in jeans at one point.

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Just finished watching the new Indiana Jones film, and I’m surprised to say this given the divisive reviews it got and the low expectations after Crystal Skull, but I really enjoyed it.

Ok, it’s 30 mins too long. But, it ticks all the right boxes - people get punched in the face, nazis get killed, there’s some fun, nostalgic cameos, and the score is amazing. Plus Phoebe Waller-Bridge is way less annoying in this than she could have been.

Raiders and Last Crusade are two of my favourite films, so I’m really glad this ended solidly.


I watched the new one in early december and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it.

I then watched the whole series with my daughter over the past 6 weeks as she really enjoyed watching Raiders with me.
Crystal Skull was awful the first time I saw it, but in rewatching recently…it’s only “kinda awful”.
Still the worst in the series by a long shot.
Second viewing of the new film was fun again. Didn’t feel overly long…

This film intrigues me:

and the poster is amazing:


Watched the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford last night, a truly underrated gem of a film. It’s so well made, you can feel the paranoia just seeping out of the scenes.

I haven’t seen Casey Affleck in much recently but he’s outstanding in this. Brad Pitt is great as well, he’s got this nervous energy like you don’t know if he’ll cry then hug you or laugh and stab you. And Sam Rockwell is in it. And it’s Roger Deakins smashing the cinematography.

Fuck, the whole thing is great. Apparently there’s an unreleased 4 hour version.


Watched John Boorman’s Zardoz last night. Fucking mental. Crazy to think it was his follow up to Deliverance.

Sean Connery runs around the moors in a nappy with his hair in a plait. That’s pretty much all I remember.

That’s basically it. And Charlotte Rampling.

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It’s the wiZARD of OZ all along!

Watched American Fiction last night.

Well worth your time. Really enjoyed it.

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This was great: