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Dechuna’s gonna get a sick interest rate out of this


Anyone here use Coinbase? How tf do you convert money to USD to invest on exchanges?

Why do you want to exchange to USD first?

I think it’s because of the exchange rates. Think it works out better to buy in USD. Someone else said to be careful of buying because of it but didn’t ask why.

If you’re buying a small amount just see if any friends who have it can sell it to you to avoid fees and rates.

I’m no crypto expert but have a little bit of bitcoin. Make sure you use ‘coinbase pro’ instead of ‘coinbase’. You’ll already be registered through the standard site but fees are loads lower, and it’s easier, and more straightforward to use.

Yes just starting to use Pro. Def not easier or more straightforward lol but worth it for the fee reductions. @Spanky it’s because most coins don’t have GBP exchanges so you have to buy in dollars or bitcoin. Would rather dollars as it’s more stable so I don’t potentially lose money while waiting for a trade to happen.

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