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He’s a funny player at times, when he has a bad day you can’t believe he’s ever good! You can’t mess with his club stats though, he’s been immense for City in recent seasons.

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The boy just isn’t a natural finisher. I don’t care how much he’s ‘improved’ as the pundits say, I still wouldn’t trust him one on one.


Feet like a couple of 50p’s, have always said it.

The Fulham keeper is having a good game! You wonder how long he can…oh

Fuckkk that was great

fucking love a diving header

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Oh my another fantastic header!

First Black Country Derby since Albion beat us at the Molineux 5-1 nine years ago. All that time having the Albion fans lord that over us. Nervous ain’t the word as Albion currently are terrible, and on paper we should batter them. But with the injuries and the form I can’t pretend I’m not worried. To lose when they’re in a bad place will never get lived down. But if we win… Lordy Lordy!

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they need the little things mate. the tesco bags will never be a big club :wink:

Maybe so. But still… half not looking forward to it haha

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what the actual fuck. has “on the line” always counted as “in the box”? i feel like there’s been zero consistency if that’s the case.

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How close was it?

personally that was neither a foul nor in the box. wasn’t even on the line really. fuck it

Don’t matter now anyway!

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Can someone who isn’t a wolves fan let me know there views on the Albion pen decision and the handball against wolves. Personally thought the Albion pen was JUST outside the box, and the handball was blatant. But appreciate I might be bias…

i’m not wolves as you well know. Albion pen wasn’t a foul and wasn’t in the box. handball was a handball. i thought under the new rules it’s a handball no matter what? they keep changing rules

Another one.

3-2 West Brom.

man penalties are so soft now its pathetic

A very surprising result.

What’s going on Wolves?!?!

imagine getting out tactic’d by big Sam. the penalties were shitty but counter attacking had Wolves all over the shop

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