Football Thread

Now hiring a new club captain.

There had been rumours he’d been asking to be allowed a free transfer back to France this summer

Did well for Wednesday last season but yeah he’d be a terrible choice for Newcastle! Looks like it’ll happen though.

Steve Bruce, the novellist? Damn -

There’s a pub around the corner from me whose customers are all 55+. There’s a regular who I often see outside for a smoke who looks like Steve Bruce with high blood pressure and gout.

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Haha they went over a few of his books a couple weeks ago on Have I got news for you.

Is there a single player out there that West Ham aren’t ‘interested in’ paying about 40mil for?

comedy hobbit and son of anne, josh widdicombe covers them both in hour long podcasts in his 90s football podcast, which although im not a fan of him i really enjoy

I always thought Everton were trying to really push for the top 4 but then this happens:

As an Everton fan I’m quite hyped on the Delph signing. Especially at 9mil. Decent squad player.

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yeah would say Delph is a pretty decent signing for anyone outside the top 2, not glamorous but does a decent enough job.

wouldn’t have turned him down as an Arsenal fan for 9 mill, but I doubt city would take it in £10 instalments.

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Delph is good. when he left us (villa) we were screwed. if i was an Everton fan i’d be more worried that Delph is coming in because Gueye is going out…

Yeah don’t really disagree there but not exactly the sort of player to push the squad forward, it’s not like he’s a Milner type.

Is he not? I think he’s exactly that type of player. Just not as good as Milner.

A decent signing or two over the summer keeps the fans happy too. Most fans hate it when their club looks like they’re doing no business at all. I bet Newcastle would love to have him right now.

Sorry that’s what I meant, Milner can be trusted to slot various positions for a top side, not sure you could say that about Delph. His England appearances have been woeful, though I guess if you’re in and out of a squad it won’t help your form. He was also terrible for Villa in the FA Cup final but then he wasn’t alone there.

I wasn’t sure when City signed Delph, it seemed an odd choice but he’s done a decent job when called upon.
If I was an Everton fan, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss him.

Milner could generally be great anywhere. Delph is good in most positions but i wouldn’t say he was great at anything. he’ll pass the ball forwards which is nice

I dunno, I’ve seen him have many a mare, especially in Europe.

when did he play in Europe? if we’re talking champions league then that’s probably a bit too deep for him

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Apparently Newcastle are close to signing Joelinton from Hoffenheim for £35mill.

I saw bits of him when keeping an eye on how Reiss Nelson was doing last season.

Looks a good player to replace Rondon.


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