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Thats what I though cunts.

still fuming about this, souness absolutely bang on

Amazing. 50/50 yes, clattered him. Pen.

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I’m convinced Fulham will stay up. They’ve been unlucky with so many draws. Nothing against Newcastle but Steve Bruce was a hail Mary and its gone wrong. He football is awful, what made Wilson think that was a good choice baffles me.

Brighton I think will go though and Newcastle will nick it by the skin of their teeth. They are as in the shit as Newcastle if they lose tomorrow night.

Newcastle have enough decent players to do enough. Brighton just don’t.

For me its the bottom 2 for sure Fulham can get enough to catch Newcastle and Brighton and itsca battle but Brighton just lack quality everywhere and it will catch up with them

Mate I hate our club.

Yeah tbh myself and a lot of people I know have lost interest in the club and football as a whole really, Ashley has sucked the life out of it.

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Seemed so dead last time I went to St James’ like fans just didn’t give a shit.

Same with Blues.I gave up a while ago. Until we have new owners nothing is gonna change.

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Talking of Newcastle and hail Mary’s. My local and 2nd team southend have just resigned nile ranger.

Sacked him a couple of seasons ago but he was used then as a scapegoat to cover a squad that was Rotton and clicked to the core.

I saw him when was out running past the training ground the other day. Wished him luck etc. He seemed genuinely grateful for a last chance and said he’s just had a kid which put things in perspective. Said he really wanted to repay the club for this last chance as he let himself down in his last spell there.

We will see. I hope he does well.

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Hope Palace go down

That’s nice of you


Well fuck.

I hold firm to my statement of six months ago that Lallana is rubbish

Doing Giroud things.

So sick

I forgot how pathetic players on the continent can be as well. Suarez being full Suarez

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Suarez bleeds for his team. Doesn’t matter how snide, bitchy, princessy or downright illegal it is, he’ll do what it takes to win. Most of the time, you’d want him on your team rather than play against him, even if you hate him like many do. Diego Costa would be in the same bracket.


Damn straight. I’ll never forget that world Cup hand ball. What a cunt. I bet they absolutely worship him in Uruguay

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I think many would’ve done the same. It was his reaction to Asamoah Gyan’s subsequent miss that really stuck with me.

actually that’s exactly what i picture in my head when i think of it. the celebration of the miss

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