Football Thread

It’s out.

“it appears to be another case of vile attacks on football players by using the social media channel.”


“YouTube presenters were quick to jump on the story – which now appears to be totally unfounded and completely made up and total fabrication.”

It’s a legit story, no name though.

Until the actual news story all those tweets reminded me of the that time James Rodriguez was supposedly going to come out as trans. Let’s hope this story isn’t true either.

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Classy stuff from The Spectator as usual. Wankers

Why is he being called out for partnering with brands?

Every player does?

The young man is a fucking hero.


I saw some charity contribution list from footballers at the end of the season and obv Rashford was on top - but surprisingly his contributions almost matched his club salary, so these sponsorships are his actual income and he still puts pressure on the brands to fund their own charity initiatives. He’s nothing but a good guy.


Mad respect, didn’t know that.

the list in this article:

Demarai Gray for 1.6m is a right steal. I’ve always liked him and wanted us to make that signing back when he was at Leicester.

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i vaguely remember him playing for Birmingham City a while back and he was amazing. cannot believe he’s only worth 1.6m now. looked like Grealish when he was younger

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Yeah good player

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apparently you sold him for 4.5 mill to Leicester. surprised his value has dropped

He didn’t seem to make a success of that move to Leverkusen, does seem like a low fee even so.

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Didn’t realise Phil Neville was doing quite this badly in the US.

Doesn’t David Beckham own Inter Miami?

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I hope you aren’t implying Phil got the job just because his mate owns the team?
In the same way Gary Neville was Valencia manager, which just happened to be owned by his business partner Peter Lim.


Seeing his face live as they got spanked 7-0 in Copa Del Rey was one of the best memories I’ll ever have from a football match. Priceless


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