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I wasn’t joking. He’s a very good footballer but it’s weird that prices get inflated so much when a player is English.

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Also, City don’t really need a ball carrier like that. However Silva is supposed to be leaving. Strangely, I think it’d be daft for Villa to sell just because I don’t trust them to make a replacement as significant.

Odd one.


Ben White to Arsenal from Brighton; £50m (I think he’s won player of the month once?).

Raphael Varane to United from Real Madrid; £35m (has literally won everything).


Don’t get me wrong. I love Grealish as a player. I really do. However, he stands out as the best player in a mid-table team and doesn’t start for his country. Then again, Pep knows what he’s doing.

I’m not too surprised at that price actually in the current market and given what he’s worth to Villa.

He has four years left on his contract. 100 Mill is about right. As valuable as he is for us we need a squad if we want to compete. The problem is that the players we want to attract like Leon Bailey won’t come if Grealish is gone


That’s fair enough actually. Didn’t know he had so long left on his contract. Makes sense. Villa would be dumb to turn down 6 figures for him. Sure they won’t!

yeah it’s hard though

we have plenty of money but can’t splash the cash like clubs before us have done because of FFP. selling Grealish would give us a lot of spending power but then would we attract good players without him? it also sends the message that no matter how good a player we have we will always sell them

our fans are already dribbling about him being a traitor and how much hate mail and death threats him and his family will get. football fans are such utter scum

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I genuinely think Villa would be stupid not to sell at £100m - the rich owner argument is pointless cause as Naz said FFP stumps the spending power. Wolves in the same boat. £100m could give them a lot of movement to make some good signings across the squad.

I’d go out and buy Ward-Prowse and/or Ings straight away though I think the latter wants European football.

They’re buying Leon Bailey. Deal agreed.

Wait till we see how much City are willing to pay for Harry Kane, it’ll make Grealish’s fee look like chicken feed.

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What the fuck we signed Bailey? Doubt he’d be coming if Grealish wasn’t staying. Apparently we resigned Ashley Young, sick if true

Lol, why are you happy about that?

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Nostalgia. He was free.

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Used to deliver his post when he was at Villa CMOAC

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He was a villa legend for so many reasons. The whole “getting caught sending nudes online” thing was hilarious

If we signed JWP, Buendia and Bailey but lost Grealish is see that as a squad upgrade tbh. The rest of our fandom would still be gutted but fuck them

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With all these signings, I imagine Villa fans will feel that qualifying for EL would be the minimum expected, right? Honestly, your squad looks pretty sick.

Gotta be realistic. Challenge the top four and that :wink::wink::wink::joy: nah I dunno its hard to know what to expect in preseason

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