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And it’s so soon!

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Rice looks good in a shit west ham team, not watched him for england as i dont watch england games, but imagine against average or below average teams england generally play and with good players around him he holds his own.

put him in a top side and he will be found out quicker than john stones


Holy shit! They’ve finally proved they actually give a shit and imposed a proper sanction

Mad one, so 5th place Champions League spot for the next two years

I bet this gets overturned or reduced.

Even if they win it this year, which they won’t, they don’t get to defend it.

Yeah as far as I remember no FFP punishment has fully been carried out but one season banned from Europe would be massive. It’d affect their transfer dealings a great deal

Some fair points on BBC live feed currently - Pep will likely leave if upheld along with most of their stars, their appeal will take a little while to be processed as always but quite often get upheld

If I was a city fan I’d be fuming. So many clubs take the piss. However they have definitely been one of the biggest piss takers about FFP and the football association needs to make a firm stand sometime

I just read that if they do appeal (which they will obvs) then it might push the ban back a year due to slow proceedings

Not even close to being a wolves fan but that goal was not offside. This is getting so shit now

Yeah that was bollocks

Seems a bit cutting off your nose to spite your face on UEFA’a part. Excluding one of the top contenders from your competition. With the Prem being easily the most exciting league these last few years it can’t be good for them either

fuck off VAR, i’m so done with football. what’s the point when decisions aren’t equal at all

Pen all day! didn’t get the ball.

my point being, spurs handball in their area 2 minutes earlier, VAR barely even checks. decisions are LESS equal now than they were before VAR. every single match has some ridiculous VAR controversy which would probably somehow be okay if they were equally shit, but they’re not. we’ve been categorically fucked by VAR throughout the season

only team i’ve watched who’ve had less decisions go their way so far have been Burnley. then you’ve got Liverpool running away with the title yet still getting things go their way

edit - just to add to that tirade, fuck off spurs, bus wankers

pretty sure every team’s fanbase says that so maybe it is equally shit

hence the non villa examples

Totally agree, that pen was pretty straightforward as examples go though- a pen decision should always go to VAR, with a handball it’s usually pretty obvious and I feel like the ref should get discretion to some degree,along with offsides, otherwise it slows the game down. Every team feels hard done by when it’s them but I think it’s the delays to the flow of the game and 5 mins extra time at half time that are the problems we can all agree on.

it’s just pants. decisions weren’t equal before but the officials were doing the best they could and the game flowed. now it’s just rubbish

another edit - fuck spurs


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