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I just want that type of player in our team. I want a bit of magic. I like walker but he doesn’t excite me. Back in his day I picked Joe Cole in every fantasy team I ever played, non-negotiable, because he had that vibe, that bit of magic. Got me shit-all points but I still picked him. Foden gives me the same tingle but everyone can see that. I’m just bored of us fielding cloggers, I don’t want butcher/pearce style blood on the shirt, I want a bit of stardust…


I mean that’s in form Grealish for me but such is life :joy:

I’m sad he’s out (ex-Notts county too), especially as I thought he had a good game - plus there was the assist bonus- as he’s the type of player I’m talking about…

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As has been said, Gareth has always seem to have a problem with him. I get he hasn’t had a great season but he’s an experienced winner. Hopefully the next manager sees the merit

Telling that TAA is listed as a Midfielder in the squad.

TAA doesn’t have the positional nous to play in midfield. Great passer but needs really strong defensive players around him, otherwise he gets caught out.

Now move Walker to CB to fill the Maguire hole and a nice space opens up for TAA at RB…

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I don’t really get the infatuation some fans and pundits have over TAA and moving him to midfield, it’s a bit odd to me, if it were such a great opportunity and if he really could do a job there you’d think Klopp would’ve done it more often than he has as he’s the one who will see him play and train every week.

The more I look at that defence the more it makes me wonder why Dier and/or Tomori weren’t picked. Dunk has some great stats but he’s not playing at the level those guys are now.


Agree. If Dunk starts then we are in trouble. Brighton’s form fell off a cliff at the end of the season. Although Palace finished strongly, so maybe Guéhi is a good shout?

Edit: Guéhi was injured for the back end of the season. Only fit to start the last game of the season. Oh…


It’s Southgate’s last tournament, how many national managers get the luxury to leave on their own terms? Rightly or wrongly he’s thought fuck it, no more pressure to include players I don’t want and go out 100% on his own terms, it’s not like they can sack him if it all goes wrong is it?

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It’s beautiful

Tomori is mint

TAA is sooooo overrated. People talk about him like he’s a generational talent. Yes he’s got a great right foot but so has Ward-Prowse. Weird hype about Trent when everyone agrees his shite at RB and untested in midfield. Odd.


win or lose doesn’t matter as long as he quits afterwards

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I got an email from Villa earlier saying I could buy a Season Ticket.

I’ve been on the waiting list for years and my heart skipped a beat!

Then I clicked the link and it’s to buy a General Admission + season ticket.

Basically you get your seat and access to a private bar before/after games.

£1560 in the North Stand literally next to the Away fans.

£2700 in the Trinity Upper.

It’s a fucking madness. Games gone.


That doesn’t sound to crazy, is any of the hospitality free? Like drinks or food?

Not for that one, but you do get access to a private bar.

It’s bizarre that they’ve decided to put this new GA+ section in the corner next door to the Away supporters.

You do get free food and drinks with the £2700 one.

This won’t be a problem. In my experience, away fans tend to be very generous and will chuck money at you. Simply pick this up and, voila!, the bar becomes free!

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Haha yeah - good point!

Join this UEFA Fantasy League now and embrace Euros fever!

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