Football Thread

Don’t get me wrong, it’s never a good time to deliberately elbow somehow in the face but the match just started. Weird

Mitro got a three game ban


huge win for the cobblers, what a performance

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United goal just now was incredible.


One of the most savage counterattacking moves I’ve ever seen. Not a foot put wrong by anyone. Praising Man U feels horrible but you can’t front on that.


Man Utd are looking savage since Bruno Fernandes and Igahlo joined - I expect them to be challenging for the title next season. Could do with some stronger defence, but yeah, they’re looking good.

Wigan athletic have gone into administration. Can’t see them being the last

Everton v Lockdown Leicester


Newcastle v Overcrowded Boringmouth


Shall check the first option for a while.

Lol! Everton vs Leicester

Fuck off Chelsea

Yarmolenko scores good goals.

Great result for the Wolves. Great match

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…and for United.

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My inner monologue seeing the scores tonight ”Must not get carried away, must not get carried away, must not get carried away”

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Whatcha reckon for City Liverpool tonight? Interesting match given 'pool have already won

really rate liverpool will still be playing a full strength team to beat the points record tbh


Scored some bangers yesterday. Someone will come in for Saint-Maximin

After four goals? He looks good though.

Yeah I agree. He’s had a few good games since lockdown but I can’t see anyone swooping in to buy him because of that. He’d be better staying at Newcastle and trying to keep up his form.

He was playing well before lockdown. I just don’t want to loose the most creative player we have had in about 15 years.

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