Gnarly Photos thread

He wrote his memoirs while in there but had to use it as toilet paper when he was in solitary confinement for beating up the top dog.

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Sounds like a friend of mine. You have to try and sift through what he is saying to make your own truths. Like the list of tricks he says he has done, but never seen a video of these or do them when out skating together. And me always snaps boards despite being about 8 stone wet through

got a friend exactly like that, full of bullshit 24/7. kinda funny but also kinda sad considering he’s turning 33/34? this year and still spouting absolute shite. my favourite excerpts of his bullshit over the years would be a toss up between:

  • prior to being a skatepark, R-Kade in Redcar was an MoD storage facility and when whoever ran R-Kade purchased it there was a tank inside and he “crooked a tank turret”.
  • beating tom penny in a game of skate at southbank in the 90s by landing a bigflip and then taxing his clipper???
  • kickflipping a drain at 40mph listening to black sabbath whilst “bombing home from work” despite the way to his house from town being uphill
  • any trick you ever beat him with in a game of skate he used to be able to do until he had surgery and now has a “98% metal ankle”
  • filming back 5-0 into back tail (stalled obviously), screenshotting the back tail and posting it claiming its a back tail.
  • i got a gopro to film with because lurknyc use gopros

Haha, properly gave you the rope to hang him with there.

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Might have been doing his secret undercover work that day.

Like I actually did, briefly.

I remember hearing that he had cancer one time.

Blackwell story re-up:

"when he broke his neck in an eastpak demo but carried on for the crowd?

He is mates with 50cent! He met him at butlins doing a demo!

Jesse Martinez came from dog town to personally give him his 1st Greed package and put him on the team.

He did a late grab Indy front flip over a jump box but nobody filmed it!

He beat TNT in a high air comp at rampworx ( there was no high air comp)

He wasn’t allowed to enter the high air comp at the soul bowl ( donnington) because they knew he would win! Serge Ventura, jocke, rune, bob burnquist, Lincoln ueada were all there :joy:

Just a few
I have about 1000 more"


“oh at a comp in poland he was knocked out ( he faked a slam and didn’t even hit his head) went to hospital and had a brain scan
Came back and entered and won the best trip comp with a benihana!”


I’ve heard this one somewhere years ago, probably the old forum.


I know exactly who you’re on about and I’ve got some absolute bangers over the years too. One being a roof gap kickflip whilst mid chase with a policeman. Another being sponsored by Etnies and giving out free stickers to all the kids I prove it. He also said he has a killer section of me he filmed when I was 12 that he’s going to release any day


Bangers please I love this shit!

@Spanky thank you in stitches.

ha ha

That was Fat Man Scoop. Danny was at the same gig!


One day he slammed and said he 100% broke his wrist and demanded going to the hospital to get it fixed and we told him to fuck off.

Later the same day he was doing inverts on the same wrist.


And then worse a wrist guard up in da club

I remember he was once too scared to drop in on this reservoir thing we skated on a big push but when we got back in the van he claimed ‘yeah I didn’t drop in but if we had a motorbike i’d be the only one doing airs out of it’


Sadberge reservoir, no? If he was on a BMX getting pulled by a motorbike!

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That means cates is officially gnarlier than Blackwell


did you get the penultimate ending to the etnies story? had a scrap with ryan sheckler because he was a dick and got kicked off. and then there’s going to cali to design shoes for vans. i remember him showing me some email he sent to dwindle about how the “north east was infuriated” by the quality of cliche boards. few years back he was banging on about printing “fuck native” stickers cos “everythings too expensive”.

actually fuck you’ll love this one, you know bonners raft flats just over the water in town where you’d bomb down to the glass center? reckons it was a proper gang infested drugs paradise and he had to get out of there for “me and my son”, week later reckons he sold the place for 80k. or the time we went wasteland and he couldn’t figure out the polejam despite doing a “vertical” one at the glass center.

played a game of skate with him last year, he tried a fakie fs flip and by that i mean he turned into it 90 degrees, did a fakie flip and then did the absolute latest pivot out of it and got teary as fuck when everyone called bs on it. remember him doing a fakie biggerspin and sitting down thinking he’d won, i somehow pulled that out the bag, he fucked his next set and i took him out on a stinking fakie varial and i don’t think i’ve ever seen him look so defeated.

fuck me the more i think about it my head starts hurting. he did actually drop “the video” that he’s been filming a fucking eternity for and it’s fucking gash, just a mix up of footage from about 5/6 different cameras, mixed aspect ratios and absolutely shite windows movie maker editing.


Dunno, if he’s reading this …

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Could be a wake up call for him to change, dude sounds like a bell. Unfortunately he’ll probably take it badly and disappear from the skate scene if he’s read it.

I have wondered how Blackwell deals with all this stuff, he must be used to seeing all the callouts. Does he just avoid people and constantly move between crews? Must be really depressing seeing your name come up in jest so much.

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