Gone Skateboarding?

1.5 down the local. Enjoyable as always.

Polar feels so nice after the Real even though I did get a couple of new tricks on the Real. Skateboard only night on Sunday too, I’m hoping its a busy one so Jess and Si can keep putting it on monthly or bi-monthly.

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Skate night at local, good turn out so stoked.

Unfortunately I managed to kill my inner ankle taking my jeans off last night (!!!) and coming in off the back of that illness it wasn’t the best night for actual skating for myself. Really didn’t want to turn a week or so of rest into months of potential damaged tendon fixing/rehab.

Skated tonight but ankle, whilst it works with not much pain, is still really swollen over a week later. Gonna ice the fucker once the kids are asleep.

Probably worth my time seeing if I can get it drained - if I book now it’ll be mid April by the time I get a Dr appointment, so likely it’ll be OK or still massive :woozy_face:

Anyone up for a roll at The House this week? Any night. Gagging for a few stunts.

I’m out at the moment. Ankle not working right still but just wanted to get out. Coupled with being the only skater and shit music (:smile:) I just want to go home and sink a few pints.

I might be.

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Nice one. Gimme a shout :slightly_smiling_face:


I (now) work near my favourite park and finish earlier on a Friday. Last week it was actually dry and light enough so I sent a message to my other half to let her know I was going and it pissed down pretty much the second I hit send.

I’ve gripped a new deck ready for spring and am uploading last years Instamontage to YT instead so it’s not all that bad.


As promised…

= true.


:sunglasses: rad :sunglasses:

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Ankle tweak on the first curb slam was chef’s kiss

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Straight down memory lane with Chorlton and the wheelies song. Ace, thanks for that.


Has the new forum ever had a forum edit?

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I bumped into the lovenskate lot at my local this afternoon, I don’t know who any of them are but there we some very good skateboarders there.


Blunt stall, pivot out was rad. I can’t work those out.

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Just had the sickening realisation that Summer of Bruv was ten years ago this year

Time for Summer of Bruv 2?


That would be rad.

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Half decent weather this afternoon, thought I’d make the most of it and went to my favourite local park even if it was pretty windy. After 20ish minutes two teachers with about 20 kids aged 6 or something showed up and they all stood on the long ledge, watching me. Not really my cuppa tea but I started doing laps, just doing basic tricks, manuals and 5050s and stuff like that, basically doing a demo for the kids who were so psyched on that! I shouted and told them to high five me which they did with so much enthusiasm every time I rode along the long ledge they were standing on, the most Reemo-in-20-Shot-Sequence minutes of my life. It was so cool to see how stoked they were! Yesyesyes.


Should be able to get a lift to skate a low indoor mini ramp next week. Am pretty stoked for mini ramp skating atm, and this a perfect like 2.5 foot one. I got fs 5050 grinds on a 2 foot one, maybe can get them on something slightly bigger. Also wanna get bs smith stalls and maybe grinds.


First skate for about 6 months today. Sore now!

Worrying I could do most of my “tricks” (all 4 of them) first or second go :joy: