Gone Skateboarding?

It’s been like that for the last 20 years to be fair. Never going to please everyone.

I feel like because they can make it look cool and flowing, doesn’t always lead to a well thought out design. There was the obsession of putting grass gaps everywhere a few years back and they just turned to mud pits.

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After saying I really wanted to skate there sometime and now being an hours drive away, I’m planning to hit the spit and sawdust evening session tomorrow if anyone is in the area and keen for a roll

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I can’t this week but can go next week?

Damn, would be good to meet you, but I’m only here this week. Back to Australia next Tuesday

I was confused because i thought that’s where you’re based!

What time are you going? I’ll try and see if I can go.

Reckon 6:30/7ish onward.

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I’ll be there - there’s a talk from John Dahlquist as well!

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Excellent. Just looked it up, sounds like a fun night in that case

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Yeah good night to come. You’ll easily recognise me - Andy Anderson deck, pink helmet, mongo push.


We will be twins!


Won’t be able to go.

Have fun.

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Are you here? :grin:

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Met Nav, skated with Nav, didn’t have a beer with Nav but had to save something for Dadlands :grin:


Sick night, spit and sawdust is something else.

Met Jimo, also got to see Jordan Thackeray skate in real life finally. Skated for almost 4 hours. Slammed a load. Stoked.