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Seems weird that we wouldn’t be just purchasing ventilators from China at this point - they must have been producing them some months ago and with their manufacturing capabilities you’d think they could produce enough for export also, rather than Dyson or whoever sorting out the tooling, which is gonna take time whoever does it.


Dunno if this is weird but we did it and loads of neighbours did it and it just made me feel pretty bummed out rather than inspired- had to come back in quite quick. Sorry to be a downer

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it’s all well and good people going outside & clapping but not voting conservative 3 months ago would’ve probably been better


All well and good moaning about stuff that does not even matter right now when we’re in some weird parallel universe where the Tories seem to be doing the right thing. Bonkers I know but I guess lets live right now rather than bringing up that shit. :wink:
Although I did catch Corbyn’s speech yesterday and he still makes total sense to me and hopefully people will actually think “Hold on, he’s right, things have to change now”


Not many people in my area did so we’re good :wink:

It’s just a nice little gesture for people in the NHS, not some big political statement. If it raised the spirits of a few NHS workers it’s a nice thing.

Bit corny but beats watching TV all evening…

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It’s funny how Labour and Corbyn seem to have been frozen out of main stream media? Maybe because now is not the time for arguments, mix messages to the public and finger pointing.

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I thought it was cool purely for the fact that it made people all focus on some positivity together rather than being some lonely pessimistic naysayer too cool to join in. Which is an attitude we need to steer away from in the future.

Absolutely, I’m all for it. Think I just had a bit of a general bummer moment at the same time. Really missing my work routine now. After 9 years of the shop being open 7 days a week it’s fucking weird. Ups and downs


Just a bad look for anyone to be scoring political points now. The Daily Mail have got a bit of a problem on their hands- who are they gonna be vile about now?

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Next have just closed their web store as well as their shops.

Yeah saw that, they were asking shop staff to ship web orders from their store locations though- which isn’t very clever.

Ooft. No wonder the staff insisted then.

Shout out to all the key workers over at Heathrow Logistics Park.

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They actually are, they ship medical supplies also

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Boris Johnson positive.



He must’ve met quite a few people in last few weeks you’d think.

You gotta wonder how many people Prince Charles infected

Has he met Trump lately?


some real assholes online with people being happy that Boris has it. i think he’s been doing a good job and you can’t wish this shit on someone. karma got some work to do

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