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Maybe this is the default response we should be giving trump anytime he criticises the UK.

In other news:

A lot of people are going to be shot, if they’re stupid enough.

Everybody knows Area 51 is only there to divert attention from Area 52.

The idea of flying saucers was put about to throw people off the scent of the stealth bomber that was in development. Associating this shape with a disk rather than a wing. Also to shit the enemy up that they had alien tech

I’d agree that 99.99999% of ‘sightings’ are just various types of military aircraft, there are some genuinely mysterious cases though of things that have been seen by pilots etc that just don’t add up. I wouldn’t even suggest they’re aliens, just odd.

UFO sightings have been going on way before radar, so before the stealth bomber could of even been a concept. I believe there has been a lot of disinformation too, to keep people looking in the wrong direction. If you think it is hard to fool entire populations, just look at religion. Usually based around one very vague book, with very little really known about it, the people or a lot of it provable (places, times, dates, etc), look at all the different religions that contradict each other, yet they are followed by billions (based on Earths population being 7.53 billion).
UFOs could be time travellers or Lizard overlords for all we know. There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Human knowledge is still very limited, future generations will look back at us, as living in the dark ages now. I also believe there has been a massive step taken in technology over the past century that seems to have come from nowhere at times.

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And then there’s the Fermi paradox - if the universe is so large, why haven’t we discovered extra terrestrial life yet? My guess is we’re probably just not interesting or intelligent enough - as a civilsation, we’re not even at 1 on the Kardeshev scale and there’s definitely a couple of filters to get through, like ecological or military self-destruction. Useful infographic here…

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I personally don’t think aliens have been here or ever will and it’s basically all bollocks, wishful thinking etc. And I used to cane the X Files.

I’d like to believe it though. Would be cool if they intervened and saved us.

I agree with everything in your post Voodoo and I like the fact that you took the time to write it but for FUCKS SAKE



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To me that is very odd as well, you’d think some kind of life would’ve been found somewhere miles and miles away, not even talking about a xenomorph either, as far as I’m aware all that’s been discovered are just planets that could potentially support life, is that right?

If they all do get shot at least the Flat Earth theory will end.

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Yeah, but given the vast distances involved and the limits of our technology that’s not really surprising. It’s not like you can just build a really big telescope and see the little green fellers pottering around on Alpha Centauri or whatever (yes, I know Alpha Centauri is a star system not a planet).

I can’t remember who it was, but I heard someone explain it like this:

The chances of us being alone in the universe are tiny, simply because it’s so big. But the chances of us finding other life - or it finding us - with what we currently understand and with our current technology are minuscule for exactly the same reason. There are around 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, and around 10 billion observable galaxies (that bit’s important; that’s as far as we can see, there could be infinitely more beyond that horizon - or a nice restaurant). That’s roughly the same amount as every single grain of sand on every beach on earth.

But the other important thing is that we’ve not been around for very long at all. The universe is reckoned to be about 13.8 billion years old, with the Milky Way being a relatively early developer at 13.5 million years. Humans have been around maybe 200,000 years, and we’ve been venturing into space since 1961. That means that if the universe is a day old we’ve been around for about 4 seconds, and going into space for a fraction of a second.

So, taking all those factors, looking for life in space is like searching for a single grain of sand somewhere on the earth that only exists for a split second.

Also, if the Milky Way is such an early galaxy, it could be that actually Earth is one of the first planets to have life develop to the stage we’re currently at, with lots of other galaxies playing catchup.

I reckon in another 100,000 years or so if we haven’t wiped ourselves out we’ll have a much better idea what’s going on out there.


Pretty simple, it’s like trying to find that oasis when you’re lost in the Sahara without a map. Same deal. Equally, we could be easily lacking the technology to both communicate with and find ETs. The closest star, Proxima Centauri, is 400 trillion km/4.25 light years away. It would take us a few thousand years to get there with our current tech, so yeah, space exploration is difficult.

absolutely mental people still believe in religion given what we now know about the size of the known universe tbh

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You could argue it’s mental that they don’t. That’s the ontological argument.

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Good way of putting it, I’ve also just found this which was pretty helpful:

In other news…

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