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Turning normal women into botox’d gold diggers, craving a celebrity/insta status leaching onto men they’d never go for if they didn’t have a big bank balance .

Clearly she’s done wonders for those men




Got to say the woman is shrewd as fuck. Either shrewd enough to market herself to maintain constant income and relevancy or shrewd enough to exploit the connections available to her so someone else can do that for her. It’s not a talent in the traditional sense, and I can’t say I like it, but have to acknowledge that it’s there.

wasn’t sure where to post so thought i’d stick this in here !

‘I’m going to raise money by using my skateboard and attempting to land 1000 nollie flips in 4 hours. That’s 1 nollie flip every 14 seconds and £1 per nollie flip to reach my goal.’

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Best backdrop to date in the news.


If we genuinely offer HK citizens visas to the UK I might actually be proud of this country for once. Would cause a right barney with China

Pretty sure I saw a video of her on you porn sucking some cock. She didn’t look very good at that

Didn’t they have the opportunity to move to the UK and become citizens just before the hand over?

Total upheaval/extradition not for everybody, I guess.

Yeah, I’m just saying it’s not like the UK just fucked off in the night, leaving a note saying ‘Bye, it’s been fun. Good luck with everything. You’ll need it!’

yes there were lots of options available in '99 i think. so a large number of the citizens were given british national overseas passports/status. apparently we are offering ALL of those BNO’s and their families 12-month work/stay visa’s to the UK. something like half a million people (not including the families). then we’d extend the offer to apply for that visa to the rest of the citizens of HK (something like 7 million people)

can you imagine the scenes if millions of HK people fled to the UK? our right wing would go absolutely fucking ballistic. China would go absolutely ballistic. it’d be wonderful. i’d be so happy if this happened

don’t get me wrong, we’ve done FUCK ALL about HK since 99 and completely ignored the last year or so of protests and wrong doing by the Chinese government. this would be a massive statement though

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Yeah I think it would be a good thing, hopefully it’ll play out well.

This is absolutely disgusting on a few different levels

“We have a son named Ace. I am so proud.”



I’ll just leave this here incase anyone missed it last week…

How long before she kills herself?

You forgot the quote marks

Just before she “literally” digs up all the videos of high profile celebs/business men, politicians and presidents banging children and hands them in

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