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Where is this? Sounds like something in a bad episode of eurotrash.


This Trump interview scares me, talking absolute bollocks as per usual.
He is pushing herd immunity, which has been discredited as a cure for Covid, but can’t even get that right, and calls is ‘Herd Mentality’.
All this when 195,000 people have died already in the USA.

Absolutely insane. He’s basically just admitting to not being interested in dealing with it. As Obama said, he hasn’t grown into the job, because he can’t. I’d imagine as a businessman he’s been able to make choices through his life so he’s never really had to work on things he’s not interested in. Terrifying that he’s still acting like that as president.

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A guy on twitter posted a load of clips from that “Townhall” thing and indeed it is very scary.
Albeit in that clip he drops the idea of a vaccine but then muddles everything up by saying the vaccine will save millions or something.

I just with there was a second angle where you could see his entourage behind camera and other peoples reactions.

Actually clapped at my TV at Angela Rayner on prime minsters questions. Tore him to bits on his grouse shooting exemption shit.


He bumbled for quite some time when starting to respond.
I use the word respond in place of answer because he doesn’t do the latter, ever.

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oh man please post this

Has Borris buggered off ? Wouldn’t surprise me.

This could run and run

Anyone give me the cliffs from the briefing?

We could be at 200 deaths a day by November if we do nothing now. Briefing was mainly about reinforcing existing measures like social distancing, mask wearing etc. But the two scientists were pretty stark in their assessments.

Chris Witty from today’s briefing: ‘A lot of people say “Well can’t people be allowed to take their own risk?” The problem with a pandemic or an epidemic infection like this is that if I as an individual increase my risk, I increase the risk to everyone around me and then everyone who is a contact of theirs. And sooner or later the chain will meet people who are vulnerable or elderly or have a long-term problem from Covid. So you cannot in an epidemic just take your own risk. Unfortunately you’re taking a risk on behalf of everybody else. It’s important that we see this as something we have to do collectively.’

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Seems very sensible of Witty to say that.

It’s a shame there are so many dicks who don’t like being told what to do.


Making sure he leaves a solid, unambiguous “told you so” before he goes…?


To be honest, I wouldn’t blame either him or Vallance leaving at this point. They both have been caught up in political manoeuvres (like the Cummings affair) that neither were comfortable with and, tragically, their advice is never acted on quickly enough by government.

He always goes missing when shit is hitting the fan. What was the last one? Off camping when exam results came out?


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