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Through gritted teeth I’d imagine.

Also Boris won’'t enforce a masks rule as it would make him look authoritarian. Can’t have that.

I thought we had to wear masks?

The government has left that for the supermarkets to enforce.

Hahaha. FFS I just wear it.

Front page of the Irish Examiner - names of all the kids who died at the hands of the nuns in charge of Bessborough Mother and Baby home in Cork from 1922-1994.
Context - report into the deaths of 9000 kids at the hands of Catholic religious orders in state-sanctioned detention centres for “fallen women” from 1922 to 1998 was released yesterday. 15% of children going through these “homes” died and their bodies were often dumped into septic tanks.


You have to wear them on public transport, ect. Or you won’t get on. That is not just left up to the companies to decide.

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Gnarly, considering the size of the country alone. Shame it’ll all be swept under the carpet.

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Scroll up, it was a big story across the BBC yesterday.

Yeah so was the Priests and young children a few years ago but nothing really happened.

I suppose Catholic Church can pay/intimidate for these things to go away.

Anyway the Irish PM has apologised so it’s all sorted now.


FF were in power in 2002 and at the tail end of their government, a day before parliament wound up before a general election, the Min for Health at the time pushed through legislation (without debate or any sort of public or political scrutiny) which exonerated the Catholic Church from paying damages to victims from atrocities like this. Instead, the State would pay the fund of €1bn…


Un-real this lot, what the fuck is wrong with them


Pissed Tory shareholders having to give back the £25 for each of the kids lunches ?

They’re now hooked on U-turns? cos you know it’s going to happen .

Ooooosh. Count Dracula under fire

Was just about to post that, mental!

Fucking vile woman.


They probably went into the same bin as all those CSE files that were ‘lost’


Phil Spector!

I bet it’s a fucking web of who’s who

Damn man, dead of covid. Murderer and everything but still

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