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Reading that article is really interesting (also horrible) as I live in Newham, having moved here about 6 months ago. Obviously you can immediately tell it’s a less affluent borough (hence why I could afford to buy here) but the way I experience the borough as a middle class white man is vastly different to the experiences of those quoted in the article. All the funding and regeneration seems to be contained in the area immediately around the Olympic park.

It’s a strange borough as from my my flat, if you walk 10 mins in one direction you’re in John Lewis and 10 mins in the other you end up on one of the streets mentioned where a lad was murdered.

People are cunts.


’ You are all no better than the cleaner ’ words to live by


Yeah I can’t say it feels that dangerous personally, it’s true, and it’s not all as grim as that stretch of road, but the food bank thing did bum me out. And sad that middle age blokes like us can live such different lives to some of the kids in the same area

Not even vaguely surprised. I delivered food for Tesco for 8 months, during a pandemic, when you would think people would be grateful you were bringing their food to the door in all weathers. The amount of people that assume youre a spanner because youre delivering groceries and talk to you like shit was unbelievable


London has been like that for generations. Brixton has been the same for decades. It’s changed alot but so much stuff goes on that people like us don’t notice every day. It’s like parallel universes.

This has enraged me. You’re actually bringing the supermarket to someones front door. As a concept it’s insane.


“Well why has it been substituted?”
“Because they didnt have the one you ordered”
“Well why did you let me put it in my basket?”
“They don’t charge you until the order is delivered, you’ll get the money back and I didnt let you put it in your basket, I didnt even know what you’d ordered until I pulled up”
“I don’t like your attitude”
“Im never ordering from Tesco again”
“Thats Ok too”
shuts door angrily

Same shift the following week
“Why has it been substituted?”
“Same as last week!”
“You again?”

Repeat every fucking week


I can easily believe that this is how many people behave.


I wondered why the guy looked so pensive when he told me something had been substituted the one time I got a home delivery. I just said “oh no worries mate” and he looked relieved. People are twats


That was probably the longest candidate list I’ve ever seen on a ballot paper.

It’s all so depressing isn’t it. Tory landslides in ex safe Labour heartlands.

Is this what the 80s felt like?


I don’t think the 80s ever really ended did it? Seems like the party which appeals to the very worst in people always has a huge advantage.

I genuinely can’t see any hope for Labour without Scotland and without addressing post-industrial decline head on. Conservatives will be in for longer than the Thatcher-Major era without radical change.

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It’s fucked. On paper Starmer is Labours best hope and it’s just not working. I can’t bear to watch the news today. Just better to try and block it out. People are cunts.


I just heard something about people being surveyed on Labour policies recently and being in favour of them up until they learned they were Labour policies. Objectivity just not common it seems.


I’m not sure this is possible in today’s media climate

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I really wanted Starmer to come in because I thought he would be able to cut through all the lies and shit they pull on a daily basis but I don’t know what he’s actually offering? Just… not being corbyn isn’t enough I guess.

He’s sort of OK in PMQs but no one pays any attention to that anyway.

God knows.

Hopefully at least the mayoral election will embarrass some tossers (Gammons, Piers Corbyn, Fox)

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