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Chauvin sentencing on Wednesday.


The photo was taken by a man passing in a taxi at 2pm today (June 12).

He said: "The driver and pedestrians were shocked to see the guy on the floor with no kegs on.

"It looked like he was off his tits.

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Which segments of GB News are you all looking most forward to?

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Too much to choose from. A smorgersboard of Brians

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The adverts

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Eh? What’s that

Is GB News going to be our version of Fox News then?

Is it an actual channel?

I think it’s gonna be way way worse.

It’ll be basically Spectator news won’t it? I still rate Neil’s interviewing, the Boris ‘pay attention to the detail’ one was masterful.

They have a section called Woke Watch apparently. Think they know the audience they’re going for. Can’t see how it can be as bad as Fox News under the UK’s broadcasting regulations but I’m sure the current government would be happy to see those ‘relaxed’.

I’m 99% sure it is?

Yeah I’ve made the mistake of clicking on Australia’s Sky News before, oof! I bet Murdoch wishes he could get away with that here.

It’s launching at 8pm tonight


The design is for it to be a rolling a talk show on TV.

And yeah, as Wayout said there’ll actually be a show called Woke Watch. Have a look at their Instagram and scroll through the comments for endless cringe. It’s kind of fun trying to a comment under their posts which doesn’t include one/some of the following:
“Were finally getting non biased news” (or something to that effect)
“Woke” + some alliterative pejorative
A remark on the metropolitan elite

The Guardian’s Today in Focus podcast has done a pretty good report on it if you want to check it out.

Interesting article, I expect the same thing to happen everywhere as people are just thinking so differently now.

Had a little look. Gross

Drink Faith - it’s fucking lovely.
Also, can second Farran’s assertion re Northern Monk being sound

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This seems accurate.

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Neil Oliver on there as well. Thought he was okay. When did he become a crack pot?

Dunno but he is completely and utterly demented. Absolutely long gone.

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