In the news thread

Oh what a surprise. Cunts find billions for mates… but not the nhs …who their mates want a piece of .


This isn’t news but wtaf is this?

Trigger warning. Contains a micropenis chimpanzee dressed up as spiderman chinning a woman for reasons unknown. Fucking hell.

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Fathers for justice have taken a dark turn eh?


From what I could gather in the tweets it seems to be some kind of stunt. Weird if true in the most horrible way.

I don’t know, it looks like he went on a full on rampage! *triggers, ect…

I’ll be honest, every Asda I’ve been in I would expect this kind of thing on a daily basis. It’d be funny how cliche the demographics for each brand of supermarket are if it wasn’t also tragic


You must, etc.


Wow, that wheelchair woman getting a few swings in :flushed:

Some parts of society have gone right down the toilet.


Filling their friends and their own pockets with our money.

What utter scum cunts , I hope they get the book thrown at them all.
What a sad fucking life they have had to become that hideous.
Let them rot


This is Spider-Man’s Insta:

Social media has rotted their brains.

And hopefully what’s left of his brains will be knocked out of him at some point .

He looks a lot chunkier than the Spider-Man in the clip.

He was definitely involved. He put a video apologising for the ruckus but has since deleted it.

What do people here think about this NHS data sale that’s going on? On the one hand seems like a good way for the government to raise money post-Covid, on the other hand selling your medical history (even if anonymised) seems sketchy to say the least…particularly so in the post-vaccine era where personal liberty is going to be connected to your compliance with the vaccination regime.

You can opt out here. Anyone done it?

It all gets wrong when insurance companies get access to your data. That’s gonna be the killer , especially when the Tory cvnts finally sell off the NHS in the next couple decades.

You gonna opt out? I think I will. I bet it’s a load of grief to fill in the forms but this feels wrong to me.

won’t take that long, they want money in their pockets now

I doubt filling in any forms is gonna do shit. If it’s on a computer, someone will have access to it regardless and secrete handshakes until it gets found out . But by then it’s done.
We’ve seen it done before

I was trying to be optimistic ha, was thinking in the next 10 in reality but I fucking hope I’m wrong cos we’re all gonna be Fucked , especially in our later years .

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