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I’m kinda on the fence here. There’s a lot of good things that can come from medical research groups being able to access health data from a centralised database quickly. And all this data is already available to this same groups already, albeit in a slower way.
The NHS has already been sharing data with groups for years and it’s generally not particularly nefarious, eg for councils, unis etc.
That said from some brief reading the problem seems to be that once it’s handed over to third parties it’s harder to keep track of where that data is being sold if it’s not really meant to be.
Also isn’t all this data fairly anonymous, in the sense that it doesn’t take your name etc?
I’ll probably not opt out as like others have said if they want your data they can get it and on the more optimistic side I’d hope it could actually go towards helping research (Yes I know is this fairly naive).

Joey Jordison of Slipknot dead at 46. That first Slipknot album was the soundtrack to my awkward early teenage years. RIP.


Is this being talked about anywhere and I’ve missed it?

Seems like a bad situate. Also apologies for linking to the Sun. It was either that or TMZ.

Edit: changed link to TMZ.

TMZ is ‘better’ the The Sun.
(I’m not reading either)


Fuck, wonder what the hell happened with him.

Wonder if it also would have made it into the sun if there wasn’t the Olympic spotlight on skating at the moment.

Waiting for his new company, Parole Boards


That is not shalom.

Seriously though, from what I’ve picked up from insta comments and slap, his life seems to have taken a series of unfortunate turns the past few years alongside some likely mental health issues. It basically seemed like he was indebt to some bad people and had been assigned that sketchy ‘manager’ guy


Yeah, definitely looked like extortion. Wonder if it included forcing TK to carry out a ‘hit’ on someone.

Apparently the person he attacked was another skater who is now in a critical condition.


Seems to be a bit under-reported…

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Absolute state of this


Phase two coming in 2035-40, what a joke.

Great work as always Boris!

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Utterly disgusting waste of money and I’d put money on it being utterly useless post-covid.

Surely my employer can’t be the only one going down a ‘work anywhere’ path?


It’s this kind of “Oh Boris! What are you like?” approach that allows this government to keep operating at such a dismally poor standard. Not you, but the media in general.

The idea that some bumbling posho is making a mess of everything is hilarious in a 70s sit-com, but it’s already leaving permanent scars on the country, and society.


Some very happy Tory donors and family companies. Actual daylight robbery whilst laughing in our faces.
Brian just not strong enough to describe them all.


“Yeah but I could have a pint with Boris, not that useless Corbyn” :man_facepalming:

A gas engineer said that to me a few years back, pre Boris as PM. Anyhow, I’ll dip out, politics can be quite the subject at times!

I just feel like a substantial part of my salary is being taken from me and divided amongst some self serving greedy pigs.


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