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God bless 'er majesty and God bless pints.


Scenes from earlier today ……


Nice distraction but can we get back to talking about them taking money from the poor now?


You steal £45 you lose your job.
You steal £450 the police might get involved.
You steal £45,000 and you’re going down for a while.

You steal £45 million pounds out of the public purse and fuck all happens

Why isn’t this smug brian cant in jail. He’s a fucking criminal.


Cos they’re all at it, and to do something about it means they’re gonna be in trouble for similar stuff , like covid contracts .

They can and are doing what they want and rubbing our noses in it .

They’re not untouchable tho, so I look forward to their ultimate fuck up that ends them


Is this real?!!

When Liz Truss is getting a promotion you know the bar is so so low for this cabinet. Absolute joke shop


I can’t imagine there’s many people in the current Conservative party who’d actually be any good. You’d have to be a right brian cant to look at that shower of shit and think “yeah that’s where I belong”. If you culled the top 50% of the party would we have anything better? Let’s try it anyway for fun

Labour are still going to be fighting themselves come the next GE and the Tories are blatantly going to win by default again

Hopefully starting with this twat

And nadine dorris, hopefully this is their final undoing. We bloody need it

As much as we want WhatsApp to be private , there’s got to be message history stored by Facebook somewhere.

But that’s a whole different story.

I do have a feeling they’ll get away with this, I really hope not tho .

There is but it’s encrypted end to end. Which means that even Facebook can’t read the contents though they would be able to see a list of who sent messages and when.

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Read this with my jaw on the floor

It’s nice to know that there is a person out there who is your absolute exact opposite in every way.

That reads like satire. Fucking delusional

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You have to take them at their word though.

The only way to know for sure is if you manage your own keys.

I’m heavily inclined to take them at their word on this. It’s just far easier for them in so many ways to not have a back door which various governments have been asking for. Also it’s existence would risk a huge scandal and break their own Ts&Cs.

I don’t think there’s anyone in Britain more deserving of being dragged behind some sheds and given a complete and utter kicking.


That doesn’t make any sense, just as Javid’s comments on the matter didn’t. What an embarrassing government we have, possibly the worst I’ve seen.

Same. Scotland’s just been told not to call an ambulance unless it’s life-threatening.

Despite non-life-threatening issues becoming fatal if they’re left for too long.

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