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Jesus christ that’s amazing. What an absolute brian cant

Is it also because they look nothing a like.


I’ve been a naughty boy and argued with some Ukips on FB today. I’ve taken to doing what I call the ‘ Brexit Challenge ‘ which involves politely asking any Ukipper I come across what are the tangible benefits ( tangible meaning remotely profitable rather than a crown on a pint glass ). Not a sausage forthcoming. It’s impossible. Not one thing that is even close to a reasonable answer


I mean, it is on Facebook… Not much reality over there.


Please ask this at your local builders merchants . Ask them how well it’s going for their materials


Bananas like horseshoes.


Oh god. Someone is going to cum so, so hard. Gallons of the stuff.


Fucking hell Texas is some next level hellhole


That’s like a recoloured slavery photo from the 1820s.


The same gobshites were screeching about being “pro-life” recently when their governor signed that brutal anti-abortion law.

I wonder if they’ve killed off enough people during the pandemic to turn it blue at the next election. I hope so because right now that place is going insane. Listened to a good podcast the other day about their new abortion bounty law How Texas Banned Almost All Abortions - The New York Times

My employers head office is in Texas. The company and employees based there are as far removed from those pictures as you could be. However you can most likely guess which city they’re based in! One who dresses a bit like a cowboy is a bit sus though.

Everywhere seems a bit nuts at the moment, and to be honest I’m quite worried what kind of future is in store for my children.

I blame the internet. It was meant to spread knowledge which it does but what it does far better is spread absolute fucking hateful bullshit.


I’m very much on the same page as you with this and could go on for some time about it…

We’ve had two World Wars pre-internet, so it can’t be blamed for all of humanities awful behaviour. It’s always been there.

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I think it’ll go the other way. Most likely a bigger majority for the GOP. I don’t think Texas will turn blue in our lifetime.

Not the only reason of course but it does seem to have had a significant impact on some people and the way they think in general in a very short timeframe. Finger in the air says 15 years or so, maybe longer. Maybe it’s even a feeling I personally get from being on the internet too much and using it for so long.

That’s very true but those things didn’t just happen either, they were caused by specific events or series of events. Just because bad things happened in the past without the internet/smartphones/social media it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look for the downsides and pitfalls of this really quite sudden and profound change in all of society.

I don’t think there has been a massive change in society. Racism, religious lunacy and a nasty streak in humans has always been there, bubbling under the surface. The mainstream media has always chosen to mostly ignore it, if anything the internet is highlighting the fact it’s always been there and this is not some new trend/shift in societies attitudes. It’s just that it was easier to sweep it under the carpet pre-internet and news was carefully controlled by the few, with often personal agendas.


I don’t mean I think that people suddenly got more racist (but I think quite a few have) but even if human nature is some sort of constant then the internet has still definitely changed things.

If keeping awful views mostly “bubbling under the surface” or “swept under a carpet” meant that we didn’t get things like Trump or Brexit well then maybe that was the best we could hope for.

There was a time I thought that maybe it’s all just a long overdue conversation where reason and good sense would eventually prevail but I’m beginning to feel a bit naive.


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