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Christ alive.

I think this is enough internet for today



So glad Uri’s got this, was starting to worry about WWIII there


Oh good, no need for panic. It’s all in hand. Let’s sit down and have a nice cup of tea.


Good god

The worst tweet ever written.


Worked with Uri Geller years ago (my early twenties) to do some recording. My boss requested we keep him away from the kitchen - ‘the company has just bought new cutlery’


There’s never been a bigger lose lose in our history


I saw someone on twitter describing them as the evil of two lessers.


Nothing like playing directly to the old guard of racist, xenophobic, NIMBY Tory voter that keeps them in power. “We’ll make sure you get all the money to keep those unwelcome types out of your area and in the slums where they belong”

But then when they have an 18th century mill owner in their corner claiming to fight for Britain (England, lets be honest, and only certain parts) but funnels all his taxable income offshore to protect himself from that pesky tax and having his ill-gotten money going ethnic people - It’s a level of cuntyness they can only dream of reaching in their thatched cottage boltholes


In theory, the current state of affairs and future of the Tories is so bleak that you can only see Labour winning at the next GE. In practise Keir is such a wet blanket and the majority of Labour so pathetic that it’ll be Tories forever (or until Truss creates nuclear apocalypse)

Have to say, Angela Rayner on her LBC takeover the other week was really good though. Pleasantly surprised to hear a decent politician who wasnt Scottish


Wow. Read the room peeps.

Absolutely shameless.
Sitting here feeling angry as fuck after seeing that.

Sorry to return to the Don’t Pay campaign way after conversation has moved on, but just seen Dominic Cummings has been promoting it:

Could see it being a populist attempt to bring a diverse range of people together who don’t usually engage with politics. Then use this groundswell of enthusiasm to fuel some new political party (a la the Brexit Party). The lack of transparency around this campaign is a red flag for me.


It’s a stupid idea anyway, you’ll just end up with a shit credit rating and all your shit will get even more expensive. And you’ll have to walk to Londis every week to top up your meter.

Withholding bills is always a bad idea no matter how pissed off you are.


I eventually skim read it and came to that conclusion. Bailiffs knocking at your door before you know it :eyes:


Question seems a bit loaded so that conservative voters will respond negatively.

The traditional conservative belief is that governments should reduce overheads on the wealthy so that they can generate more wealth for everyone.

Instead of ‘redistributing income’ I think they should be talking about taxing wealth.

Most wealthy people will reduce their income by accounting for it differently or taking less. It’s not really the wealthy people that decide to do that, every accountant’s job is to avoid paying what you don’t need to. That basically means you won’t raise as much money from income taxation as you might from other taxes.

If we are heading into a decade of inflation then taxing retained wealth that isn’t working capital makes sense because it will be increasing in value and is a bit harder to manipulate through accounting.

From stats I’ve seen a wealth tax is supported across all parties.

Edit: just noticed that quote is from 2019. A lot has changed since then…Wealth tax is being debated by Parliament and they recently suggested a one off tax to pay for Covid but I don’t know where they are with it now.