Interview Thread

Didn’t sound bitter to me

The bit where he tries to say selling your stuff at Macy’s is somehow " fairer " is laughable

Loving this so far, it’s making this rather quiet work day go quicker.

If I run out of time today I’ll give the rest a whirl but yeah, proper bo I tell thee!

Nice one.

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Currently been sitting in a waiting room for 2hrs. Praise be to you @buildafire for this epic interview.
Still haven’t finished it though.

The Mixtape story is amazing!


Totally. Images of them sitting around with a load of tapes and records trying to synch everything up live… Definitely an under-appreciated side of that video.

Great work Build

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“It was like he wasn’t going to bother landing it if he wasn’t going to do it perfectly.”

I did some investigatory nerding into one of my favourite photos/mag covers.


Sick interview, always thought that pic was never a make or sketchy due to lack of footage and still do I think. Unless Ty messed up the filming but reckon they would’ve put in.

But considering some of the bro cam filming in Ginos Yeah Right part makes me think Ty isn’t very picky with filming when it comes to Gino

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Nearly all of Gino’s part in yeah right was filmed by some dude who didn’t know what he was doing that Ty gave a camera to because Gino was on the other side of the US

Latest one for Slam. I got on the phone with Rowan Zorilla to talk about the skate scene he grew up with, eating Liverpudlian concrete on his first international trip; Propeller, “BLESSED” and Baker 4, pressure flip inspirations and Tony Hawk thinking he’s just “Riley’s pool skater buddy.”


Random find!!

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Mike Arnold talks Xtreme stuff…

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