Interview Thread

nice one build, really enjoyed that, always rated jeff pang as one of the NYC OGs

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How u mean?

Read it, he’s asking you to sort out a reunion.

Jordan Trahan interview

photos in this are fucking insane, no idea how on earth he’s doing all that at 38


Bam Margera dropped in on that and it was his ender in Jump Off A Building. Knowing how crazy Bam was when it came to this kind of stuff, you know that doing it switch, even 22 years later, is mental. I saw that thing driving next to it and it was terrifying.

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Switch benihana

Little interview with GT on the nike site, didn’t know he was from Atlanta, I always assumed he was a sort of Northwestern USA - Oregon/Washington kinda dude.

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That back lip in that pool- well tasty

The ABD concept gets dissected:


ABP, appropriately.


Does anyone know what was the Dom Henry trick and who did it first? The switch V?

Aron Snyder on the Joe Rogan podcast!

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