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Just reached the Tampa Am bit in the doc. This guy has a hell of a back story.

Yeah, that was nice. His dad sounds like a handful, glad he’s sorted himself out.

Yeah I posted it the other day. I remember his name from Tampa pro this year but otherwise have never seen any coverage of him prior to the above doc.

Weirdly he doesn’t have much footage out, just a couple of short Ricta bits and some SC tour footage.

I liked what I saw though and his story is gnarly. Hope he has some success

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Thoroughly enjoyed that… What a strong person for someone who has had such a turbulent life in his young years. Thanks for sharing, gonna look for footage of him now as I had not heard of him before.

I interviewed Sam Ashley, and it’s up now. Loads of amazing photos in this one.


That was rad. An enjoyable read. I particularly like Sam’s way of perceiving the general emptiness of spots and the associated relative apathy of security guards due to the Covid situation as being comparable to Sunday closing/ the early nineties. A positive spin on what has been, for the most part, a pretty shitty experience for a lot of people. A nice end to an interesting interview.


Solid read. Sam rules.

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Thought we had a jenkem thread then kind of figured here would work.

History lesson on the benihana.

Feels like video description is a hidden shot across the bow of rad rat…?


I read the interview this morning. It seems he broke the rule of not going back for ‘makes’ after having coverage of non landed tricks a fair bit. The first Girl ad - the switch 3 flip over the road gap - not a make. A DC ad backside 180 over a gap - didn’t land it. The whole of his Skateboarder interview had not one landed trick in it :joy:


At least he is honest…now.


Yeah. I’m still a fan. Any footage I saw was always good. His stuff in Listen was rad. As he didn’t get too much coverage in print I’d hazard a guess that a fair percentage of his magazine content consisted of shit he never rode away from. We would never have known if he’d kept shtum :wink:

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Yeah, I’m a fan too. He was just one of those dudes who I never really knew much about. Was super low key, but did his tricks really well.

One final push would have been cool to see…just a year - as he says - to really go for it.

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My friend Fraser had a little chat with Don Brown:


Had the great pleasure to interview my friend Adam Mondon recently.
Besides being a prolific skate video maker, company owner, Blueprint TM - Adam is also very funny and extremely candid about the mental health implications of skateboard sponsorship.

He’s also been responsible for digitising and finally uploading mid 90’s Ipswich scene video ‘Tough Guys’ which only existed on probably 50 VHS tapes originally.
When this came out, jaws dropped and it was part of the catalyst for things like Playing Fields/Unabomber and the DIY movement in UK skateboard culture of the time.


Sick! We had a copy of Tough Guys. Bought it between 2-3 of us. ha ha


The skating on it is still fucking good today, 26 years later.

Just about to get into it…
What were that crews other videos? Meathead videos.

Ex-Rental…and something else? I had Ex Rental. Maybe it wasn’t Tough Guys. I need to check up…

Ex Rental and Grow Up were the two Meathead videos - Mondon/Shrew and Channon did those.

Tough Guys was an Ipswich scene video.

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