Interview Thread

That was far more interesting than another transcript of a conversation.


Looking forward to listening to this.

Part of the fallout from Pushing Boarders, I thought this was an interesting read. Just a different perspective. I wonder if this is the future? Will the spotlight on skateboarding shine further, into these corners, instead of just the standard sponsored skateboarder interviews?
Ham and Cheese?! Wtf.

I felt seasick watching that. Looks like he’s bursting for the toilet.

A bit like how he looks setting up for a trick then?


Saw this guy skating at the comp I went to in Liseberg, Göteborg in 2013.
First comp I took my son to see, he was about 5 months old.
He was very different in every way but really good, not my son, Ulph.
It was the same night as the Sweet video prem that I wanted to go to but ended up not doing.

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Good mix of tech bangers, gnarly stair skating and weird shit, dude’s like the lovechild of Barletta and a crusty punk. Always stoked on his stuff.

That was very interesting.

Just published another Autuers piece, this time with the very honourable Ewan Bowman esq.

Have a read if you fancy it…clickity, click on the tongue out Union Square piece for the full thing.


Over the summer I’ve been working on an AVE retrospect with Mike O’Meally. It was originally planned as an online piece which then snowballed into a limited edition photobook/zine.

The concept was to chat with Mike about his early days shooting with Anthony then explore the stories behind a series of photos taken throughout the filming of ‘Mind Field’ - touching on AVE’s friendships with Greg Hunt, Dill and more along the way.

The story featured in the book had a longform introduction then it was divided into a chapter of sorts for each photo. So here’s the full transcript of the interview.


Homeboy was kind enough to send me a copy and it’s really good! One of those that you keep in your collection for sure. Thanks again pal!

Clickbait title. Far from the best skate team, not even close. Not that teams should ever be compared, apples and oranges and all that. I don’t see how someone would be not embarrased by that title, seems Dill is happy to go with it. Although I have not watched it, yet.

I’d say FA/Hockey have probably the best teams right now

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Alongside Primitive

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Krooked has the best team in my book right now. Worrest and Cromer alone make them stand out, and then Manderson and Sandoval are pretty damn good too. Simon Jensen’s intro part was dope and Drehobl and Gonz are legends.

All the new Krooked guys are boring as fuck imo

Simon Jensen seems rad but yeah, the other kids in the new vid didn’t impress me.

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