Interview Thread

Kind of a shame it didn’t escalate into a proper scrap.

Ive not met him but from what ive seen Barney looks like he would comfortably knock the taste out of Suciu’s mouth within about 5 seconds.

I’ve spent time with a younger Barney and yeah he definitely would.


Barney’s got hands like spades. You could turn him upside down and rotavate your garden with them.
Suciu would die.


Not detracting from Barney’s enormous wankspanners but its only helpful if he can swing em. Im basing the outcome more on the fact the Suciu looks like he’d probably write you a sonnet if you offered him outside


Post of the year to date.

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Benny interview in the new Free is essential reading.

Man, fuck Ethan Fowler.

Got a brief summary for those that will never read Free?


Or a link?

He tells the full story of what was mentioned in that Palace ad.

Is it the same story that was mentioned the other year about him whispering something racist to him while on a Stereo tour?

Fuck Ethan Fowler


Wow. Fuck that guy. I don’t think this is the first example of bellendery either is it?

Also not in any way trivialising it but the phrasing is super weird as well; “not too many”? Does he have an acceptable number?

Dunno, I never heard anything like this before. I doubt there will be any response from Stereo, there should be though.

I thought he was widely known to be a first class prat and pretty up himself. This is another level mind.

What a cock

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There was that story Quim told about locking himself in a bathroom at party in terror, as Ethan was trying to punch his way through the door. He wanted to beat him up for “being a hippy”.

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Can’t have been a mirror in the bathroom then or he’d have had to kick his own skin-tight-bell-bottomed-long-haired-bummer-high-wearing dumbass

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Bummer High. Worst company name ever. Can’t imagine why it didn’t take off.


Deffo a tie with “Shit Skateboards”


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