Interview Thread

I don’t know, Carl Shipman… I think people remember him on Stereo fondly?

They probably haven’t seen the interview yet in fairness to them

It just wound me up this morning to see them describing him as a legend after reading that last week.

It now means that Jason Lee’s section is ‘the curtains’ of A Visual Sound - as it always should have been…
…and anyway Mike Daher > Ethan Fowler - and that was PRE discovering what a piece of work Ethan is.


To be fair to Stereo, Benny does say that he’s never spoken to them about it in the interview…

Not that I am defending any actions. I’ve not looked at their insta.

Stereo have deleted the instagram post of Crackhead Racist Ethan Fowler or CREF if you’d prefer


Lol! Is the ‘homie’ still the ‘homie’ if you tell them to ‘Go fuck yourself you delusional fuck!’? Also is there not delicious irony in a yogi-surfer-pro skater calling someone else a ‘delusional fuck’?! Love it.

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Jared Leto looking ass.


I think I would much rather watch Olsen try ramble through whatever thoughts are in his head on that particular day than pretty much any other skateboarder

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Yeah I’m probably in the minority here but I actually like him. I’ve always loved his skating and he’s pretty honest in interviews, like he is in this one.

Could have fucking done without the lame questions about ‘pick up lines’ and ‘who gets more girls’ etc but then again it is a Jenkem piece.


Yeah I rate him. He at least has something to say, even if he can’t quite figure out what it is


Hahaha yeah that’s exactly it. He’s always entertained me.

Also the 9 Club episode with him and Steve is hands down the best one of all time.


Oh no what a terrible insult imagine looking that ugly


Jared Leto looks good considering he’s nearly 50

Just some freewheelin type of company doing what he wants with it, no team, guest boards, trips with whomever, no pressure.
I’m looking forward to 917 part 2.

That interview gave me no confidence that we’ll see anything from 917 ever again. He needs someone to run it on his behalf. His mind is too unfocused.


Haha yeah agree with this.

I wonder who left but wasn’t on. Genesis evans?

As unproductive and frustrating as Olson must be as a team manager/company owner, we did get two really great videos out of 917, although that was all John Wilson’s doing I guess.

Logan Lara.
I reckon that first 917 vid has been my most watched video in the past 10 years.

Listening to this right now…Leo Sharp. One of the greats, for sure…


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