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This American series has been amazing, wish they were longer though. Guess they had to squeeze all 6 into a print issue

Nice. Touches on the emotional hardships of moving to a new country and not knowing anyone. Loved that openness.

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Benny interview online. Deserves it’s own Slap thread really


Been and gone.


Be a real shame if someone started another one

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This was a superb read. Thank you! That Shiloh story is hilarious.

Chany was always a legend to me as a fellow Swissie but this interview about his time in the States and what he went through just made him even more incredible: Free Skate Magazine » The American Dream (part 6 of 6): Chany Jeanguenin

Talk about dedication!


Geoff’s was a reasonable amount longer. Nothing major but I did wonder if they’d run the whole thing for online.

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Yeah the chany one is sick. Love how he switched from vert skater to legit street skater

That was a really good interview, I just watched his Modus part again for the first time in a while where he skates vert at the start, it’s great that he kept that up while mainly skating street towards the end of his career. I’m guessing Expedition is no longer around?

Always loved this one


It’s like he’s grinding some artillery.

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Is it me of did Free skip interview 5/6?

Haven’t read any of this yet, but you know it’ll be good

that was great.
jerry with the comedown at the end mind.


Wow that was really good. Especially about getting rid of fear and neuroplasticity and whatnot

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How great and healthy does Karl Watson look?!

Fantastic little piece. Recently fell into the ‘I’m going to get trick x next’ trap then not committing. I’ll shut now lol

Randomly, I just listened to this interview with Tom Bilyeu the other day also with Andrew Huberman. Definitely worth your time.

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