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There’s a recent (last week) Bro Rogan podcast on Spotify with Quentin Tarantino that i’m currently working my way through. Well worth a listen and Rogan isn’t too OTT yet!

Has he mentioned Elk, a neck strengthening machine or edibles yet?

Haha no - net yet!

No he went straight in about disrespecting Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, because, as well all know, Joe is the worlds leading mixed martial arts expert. Quentin Tarantino would be horrified at the thought of a neck strengthening machine, how would he be able to strangle his female leads anymore?

Take this filth to the Podcast thread.


You’re looking at it wrong, with stronger necks he could actually strangle them for longer so it would be better for him


Everybody wins eh?

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Fuck! And I was about to go to bed.

Still am, and I’ll watch this tomorrow, but if anybody needs it, here’s this:

Josh Swindell and Danny Way killed a guy, and Josh went to jail for it. Big Brother magazine, issue 5.

Edit: dunno if that shows the whole thing sorry. In the link or something.

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Interesting watch, he is clearly saying Danny Way was involved from the start and could have thrown the killer punch, while owning up to his part in it all too, that could of killed the guy as well. No mention of the guy that got killed being gay and taking a shine to Danny Way, ultimately being the reason that sparked it all? Which is the how it’s always been told, right?
The way he tells it, the guy was just vacantly staring at Danny Way and making him feel uncomfortable? As he had a large hematoma on the brain and had checked himself out of hospital against doctors advice and Josh himself mistook him for a heroin addict if anything. Hmmm.

Nobody’s saying he could of.


Haha… it’s like I do it on porpoises.

*I don’t and gets coat

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Not at all. I feel like that was an important question…was D. Way offended at a guy coming on to him and it was left out to update the story to be in line with ‘2021 man’ or did the guy just stare blankly (because he didn’t have the ability to speak) at D. Way and D. Way dislike that and labelled him as gay?

I think there is an important difference and neither look good for Danny Way…

Swindell seems to be owning his part in all this at least nowadays.

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I guess 20 years will do that. Gnarly.

It was more a reference to an interview a couple of years ago which Swindell did with Muckmouth (Which got changed and then removed) where he was talking about Danny Way pissing his pants being scared when Danny came to after being KO’ed by a bouncer…as Danny Way had hit Keith Ogden and in the time he was out cold Keith had died.

He seemed more into getting across that Danny Way was a heavy part of it whereas now, he seems more focussed on “I 100% take my part in this” and lets the others worry about themselves and their own actions.

So, yeah, 20 years in, ten years out and only recently does it seem to have clicked with him.

Makes sense.

So he stabbed a child molester by the sounds of it but they cut the audio pretty quick

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Chris Roberts getting called out. Fucking hell, he’s a clueless twat


When he first mentions Keith, he says something else that gets cut, something that was brought up in every other telling of the story, maybe something about what they assumed the man’s sexuality to be.

Not really into this for the weird editing.

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Anyone else vaguely remember the ‘Free Swindell’ tee shirt. I only saw it pictured in Skateboard! or RAD, just white text in a black letterbox. Definitely feels like a couple of lifetimes ago!

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