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That was Droors, which he was on. They did an ad of it too.

It was for his Tijuana bust, not for this.

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Blimey, there ya go, it wasn’t just my imagination! I must have been 13 or 14 at the time.

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NHS drop a lot of footage these days. More and more lifestyle stuff too.

Lifestyle advice from the company who make this:

No thanks.


Don’t know where to put this?

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Good that he’s on the board at least.

I had to unfollow him on Instagram, he’s very clearly still struggling with addiction, off the meds and not surrounded by the best people (surprisingly not actually referring to Andy Roy).

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I miss this guy

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andy roy’s essex smile


Bam is wearing those Euro biker jeans we talked about the other day. Damn.

Pretty sure the Bam piece was filmed a while back and bed had a few meltdowns since. It’s been quite sad to see it all happen, he clearly had many problems the poor guy.

…sounds like it was written by Chris Morris.

Awesome as ever from Chrome Ball! Great read. I love Max Schaaf. Went a watched his Epicly Later’d for the first time in ages.


Been listening to the sndy snderson episode on the nine club and it’s pretty good. His path through skateboarding is far from your run of the mill stuff.

After listening to Andy talk about his board design and mechanics of skate tricks, then Jaime Foy’s recent tech talk and finallt Paul Schmidt’s almanac, I no longer have any qualms is saying that a lot of “cool” pros are fucking dumb.

Pretty decent thing on Hypebeast about skating in the U.K. before it was big, with Dan Adams, Iain Borden, Mackey, Wig, Winstan Whitter and Marshall Taylor:


Great stuff @buildafire ! :clap:

Reading articles like this help jog the memory and put things into perspective.
The Australian trend, appeal to nerds who weren’t good at other sports, hosing down and stones thrown at Southbank, £5 trainers, Geoff and Tom’s move stateside breathing exclusive content into Sidewalk… Great stuff!

Only down side was scrolling to the end and seeing this bellend. Hypebeast… :man_facepalming:


Totally. The absolute opposite.

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