Looking to trade 90s skate clothing

I passed through here previously & sniffed around for clothing & got shot down by a few members for being a suspected reseller of which I tried my best to prove I was a collector. I have decided to focus on a few brands specifically now birdhouse, flip, 101, toy machine, zero, blind & world industries (mainly rocco era) I have 24x tees that are in the chopping board for potential trades so please do get in touch if you have anything that might perhaps be of interest :skateboard::boom:

Oh fucking hell here we go.

To be fair this will cheer me up. How much do these ones sell for? £150?


might as well kick it off the right way neddy :heavy_check_mark:

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Flogging a dead horse here mate. You got called out before. @buildafire got ya

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If you say so… :sleeping:

I stated in the post I was accused of it so you aren’t highlighting anything new here… :roll_eyes:

Still got tech decks for sale?


got a loft full of them but have sold a few recently yes :raised_hands:t2:

Fucking hell, the thought of trading one piece of sweat addled clothing for something that someone else sweated in is fucking bananas.


some people collect stamps & other collect used knickers… how about spinning a positive on this… I am asking for some help to help a collection I’ve been growing get better that is all… I have a few features in books coming up where I have loaned some of my clothing to be photographed for the publication also… I have been in this scene for a very long time & have great relationships with many people… I don’t understand what you are all being sour about we probably hung out together 15 years ago in the same fucking spots !!

Sick! OK. How much for this? Some geezer called Mike gave it to some random in like 1995 or some shit and now it’s mine. I don’t even wear it tbh.

image image

Weird flex but ok


appreciate it @buildafire but I currently have a decent amount of workshop tees & am only really looking for the brands above that I have listed…
I will attach a few photos of some of my favourite workshop pieces just incase you are keen on the nostalgic feel of what I am doing also…

The clothing is interesting in some ways. I just find the idea of trading worn clothing from the 90s weird, but maybe that’s because I wore lots of the stuff and it all ended looking like it had been attacked by a belt sander and stinking like a teenager.

But really the issue is you’re coming into an established community and acting like a fuckwit with no humility whatsoever.

Although this topic has suddenly made me miss the days of Freedumb clothing and piss cat.


Later stuff, not for me.

Nice not doing business with you. Will you post in the right thread now? Or fuck off?

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Still don’t really know how this forum works so if I’ve got it wrong I didn’t realise… I fucked off for months & I will probably fuck off again soon because you’re all cunts :crazy_face:

Calling others cunts… you’d probably fit in well on a certain Facebook collectors group.


We have a thread for this sort of thing already running. Please use that for this topic.

Thread locked.



Short memory eh?

You’re banned, sorry.