Mark Gonzales appreciation thread too.

Very good condition, you sure that isn’t a reissue? Joking, nice board, how much is that worth?

I paid about $1800 I think. It was a few years back and I sold some Deathbox decks which paid for it.

Nope…just checked - $1500. Not too far off!

Not cheap but people pay that for a guitar all the time. Was considering an old Tommy Guerrero a few years ago but wussed out

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The guy I bought it off, Eric, sent me a pic of Brad Dorfman with it!


Beautiful board. Iconic. Hope it’s hung up and you get to enjoy it on the daily.

I have a reissue somewhere, got to dig it out and drag it over to Estonia!

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Yeah hangs on the wall in my kitchen!

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Back in the day I swapped a totally delaminated, razor tailed Brand X Street Riot for a brand new, natural wood first run Gonz. The kid had only skated it for a couple of days and couldn’t really skate, so it was mint condition.

I thought he was joking to start with, but no, he was adamant that he wanted to swap decks. I asked if his folks would mind and he assured me that they let him do what he wanted. He kept on about it and,even though I felt a bit meanI doing it,I knew I’d have been daft to have turned the offer down. So swap we did. I loved that board, learned a bunch of shit on it - in the week I had it, before an irate father turned up at my house demanding his son’s board back. I knew it was too good to be true. Anyway, I couldn’t set back up the piece of shit that I’d swapped with him so I took a trip to the skateshop and bought myself another Gonz. Happy days.