Middle Aged Shed

Mate you should have ago on the Mercedes forum, it’s some next level post midlife shit. Makes this place look like Smash Hits


The guitar forum I’m on is all old blokes talking about getting their brogues back from their cordwainers

Its brilliant.

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Bedroom finally taking shape!


Gotta love how Threadless, etc. can make a shitty t-shirt design look high-end with their stock image composites.

Ladies and Gentleman. I need some advice on mosquito slaughter techniques for both the patio and the living room. It’s pretty full on in the summer here, after moving in June last year didn’t get a good system in place.
Anyone ever used one of these? Do they work?

I had something similar to see off a mouse who had moved into the kitchen. It did the trick!

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All the reviews are for mice, I want to know if it works on bugs. Or if a lantern type thing is better

I bought a couple of plugin bug repellers when I had a mite problem in the studio but I don’t think they ever worked.

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We use those coil things that burn slowly, work ok unless there’s strong wind

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No wolf prints available?

Link? .

Like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lifesystems-Mosquito-Smoke-Coils-Grey/dp/B000LN7CSE/ref=pd_lpo_201_t_1/261-7770863-4817812?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B076KT12VY&pd_rd_r=18c77586-06b7-427b-9553-97c5e46806d1&pd_rd_w=pBiDs&pd_rd_wg=sPuEr&pf_rd_p=da0677f5-a47b-4543-8b54-10be576b8f26&pf_rd_r=6D1Q5AW9K1W2SS9ZWPGN&psc=1&refRID=6D1Q5AW9K1W2SS9ZWPGN

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Danke .

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